Milkdot Review

Who is Milkdot?

A note from founder, Janet Cho: 

“Before starting Milkdot, I assumed that if a product was in a store, then it should be safe to use. It wasn’t until I started to research basic materials for bags that I became surprisingly aware how little we know about the products we buy and how many of them use toxic materials that can harm our health and the environment.


Milkdot is committed to designing quality products that are safe for our kids and the environment. Every Milkdot production is tested by a CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) accredited lab and exceeds the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) standards. 

Often, I’ve been asked about the name, Milkdot. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted this company to inspire something good. What comes to mind when we hear “Milk”? Children, pure, nurture, wholesome, clean…and “Dot” is my belief that each person can make a positive difference in our world. ” – Milkdot Website


What Does Milkdot Sell?


Where Can You Buy Milkdot?

You can purchase all of their products straight through their website. If you would like so see Milkdot in a store near you, then click here to find a list of all the US, Canadian and other retailers throughout the world.

Here is a list of some online retailers:

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Mama’s Experience

I love that these lunch totes are made with all all non toxic materials. I care so much about what I put into my kids bodies. From the food they eat to the soap I wash their tableware with. Of course we should care about the tote we place their food in daily.

These totes are so smooth to the touch. Soft and plush makes to easier to carry for little hands and easier to store. I love being able to press the sides down so that I can store the tote when not in use. Space is always limited with 2 little children. I have stuff everywhere! If I can cut down on my storage space then I am sold.

It is luxury in a lunch box


I can not get over how much room this lunch tote has. I am able to get a ridiculous amount of food, drinks and plastic containers of food in this lunch tote. As you can see, the depth is so deep that it has over an inch of room after the length of a can of pop. This huge tote allows you to pack a healthy lunch for your self or a loved one.

The back of the tote has a small pocket which can hold a small amount of items like a cell phone and keys. It also has a name tag which can be filled out. I love this feature. Most children’s schools and day cares require their name and phone to be clearly on the tote. This allows us to identify the owner without having to take a permanent marker to it.


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  1. I find this product to be outstandingly Amazing. I love that it’s made with non-toxic materials. And, it has great look to it, as well as all the space, which comes in handy. I love everything about these, they’re great.

  2. Love all the pockets and fun colors. Looked at their site, and the backpacks look really useful, too.

  3. I love that these are made with all non toxic materials. I never really thought about how what my lunch tote was made from before I had a child. Now I really want to know what is in the products I buy. The fun colors and prints are awesome on these too, and I’m surprised at how much can actually be fit in them.

  4. Looks like a great product and I love that it is made with careful concern for our kids and the environment- also that it is so big!

  5. I love the design of their bags and that they are conscious about what materials they make their bags out of!

  6. I have been out of the lunch bag business for awhile, I am amazed at all the options. Thanks for thinking about the children first then the planet..

  7. I love the colors and designs of these lunch boxes. They look durable and safe for the kids. My girls would love these. Thanks for the review.

  8. I love that these are great for the environment and cute enough for my kids to approve of them.

  9. I love that they use non toxic products in their manufacturing!! FINALLY people are realizing that its not just what we put IN our body that matters but also what we expose ourselves to everyday!! I love the deigns too!!

  10. These look so cool. I love the colors they come in too! Awesome review. They would be perfect to pack my kiddos lunches in for school!

  11. Well I just had a duhhh moment 🙁 I’ve been so mindful of the food they eat & what they eat & drink with but this has never crossed my mind! I guess I just thought they were safe kinda like what you said so I absolutely love this lunch box! Plus these are really cute & tons of room which most lack in that department. Thanks sooo much for this review, so helpful!

  12. I love buying from responsible companies like MilkDot. They care about the environment as well as our children’s health and well-being. No too many companies can say that. They are more profit driven. Love these safe, hazard free lunch totes!

  13. love the Cute colors and designs perfect fop my little girls to carry there lunches for the new school year

  14. Milkdot is made from non toxic materials. I love how they really think about the environment our children are in.

  15. I love the design of these lunch bags! I have been looking for one for a few weeks. I don’t want something dull but I also don’t want something ment for a child. This looks perfect

  16. These are really cute! I really want one, would be so nice for packing lunch for work.

  17. It’s great that consumer saftey is a priority. More manufacturers should take this into consideration.

  18. There lunch totes are so cute! I love that they have totes for all ages and genders. The photos appear that these are high quality products.

  19. This is fantastic! I love it! Not only is it non toxic but it holds a whole lot of stuff and it folds away for storage, that’s a smart bag. Not to mention how cool looking it is!

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