Glow Bug Cloth Diapers Review


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Who are Glow Bug Diapers?

Glow Bug Diapers were started by founders Sarah Downey & Neta Talmor. Their friendship goes back to before their children were even born; they met in a pre-natal yoga class. They both had children born very close together and both fell in love with cloth diapering.

They searched around for a high quality all in one diaper but with an affordable price. They soon decided to start their own company! Now that you are looking at amazing diapers, don’t forget to also get the best diaper backpack while you are shopping.

All of Glow Bug Cloth Diapers are proudly made in China. The diapers are made in their own facility, by their employees who are paid fair wages. They “all work in good conditions and who are extremely skilled resulting in a high quality product that is ethically made. Ms. Shen and Ms. Tian lead our sewing teams, Ms. Bao and Ms. Xu are in charge of the snap work, and Mr. Shi and his team make sure all the fabrics are cut. Our amazing production manager Hillary Ling makes sure all our teams work seamlessly together to create your Glow Bug Cloth Diapers.  Meet the members of the Glow Bug Team here.”Glow Bug Website


“If you are wondering why we called the company Glow Bug Cloth Diapers, there are two reasons. First of all, “Glow Bug” is Sarah’s daughter Gloria’s nickname and second, because we always thought a baby in cloth diapers looks like a cute little bug with that sweet round bum.”Glow Bug Website

What makes Glow Bug Cloth Diapers Different?

Glow Bug Does Not Sell Individual Diapers:

They wanted to make it easy and affordable for anyone to use cloth diapers.  You don’t ever just buy only one or two disposable diapers at a time so Glow Bug Cloth Diapers offer their diapers in bulk to save our customers time and money and make it simple.  They do know that people like me exist. We only need one or two more diapers to build up our stash. So, they have a Facebook group called Glow Bug and Friends. They do sell a limited quantity of single diapers once a month on a first come first served basis. So you can always try to press your luck there!



What does Glow Bug Diaper Sell?


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Mama’s Experience

Glow Bug Diapers have a revolutionary design – the 360º gusset! The first time my son wore this diaper he pooped, and it was awesome! How many times can you say that in your life? The Glow Bug’s gusset made that change WAY easier than a ton of other diapers. This design that what makes Glow Bug diapers stand out in a way that amazes me. It’s such a genius idea. You have to grab a pack of their diapers.

The inserts opening is on both ends of their diapers. This makes taking the insert out and placing it back in a breeze.

insert snapped

Glow Bug diapers, as I mentioned previously, are sold in sets of 12 diapers. I was a bit taken aback by this when I first read it. Now that I have put a Glow Bug on my child I understand why. These diapers are of such a high quality, easy to wash and care for, super absorbent and feature the 360º gusset, it’s really a no brainier to by a 12 pack. I promise you will not be disappointed in these diapers.

This diaper fit my skinny son perfectly. Many times the leg gusset still does not hold to his little thighs. This diaper was the perfect tension on him. Like I mentioned before, he has had a solid movement in a Glow Bug and it well confined (no leakage). Hip-Hip-Hooray!

The 360 degree Gusset allows for extra protection
The 360 degree Gusset allows for extra protection

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  1. Love the prints so super adorable and prints I haven’t seen before! This gussets look awesome!!

  2. These are so cute! The design on the inside seems great but I wonder if it would be difficult to spray poop out from under the flaps.

  3. I love that we know where the come from and that the works are being treated fairly and paid nicely! That makes them all the better!!!

  4. I love companies with awesome origination stories like this. It shows that their products are made with love ♥

  5. Oh those prints!! I wouldn’t not be able to get 12 at once lol!! They are so cute!! Love the double gussets and skinny leg fit!!

  6. The 360° gussets look amazing! I have two old (hand-me-down) glo Bug’s and they are the regular double gussets, I would LOVE to try this kind!

  7. I really want that submarine print! My husband would loooove that. I may have to go in for one on the next co op.

  8. I didnt know about these diapers or about thier 360 degree gusset. I really want to try these now and i love all of thier designs!

  9. Glowbug seriously has THE BEST prints, they are so cute! I love the inside gusset also!

  10. GlowBug are good diapers, I tried them before the 360 and I also have one with the 360 gussets. I personally do not care for the 360 gussets, I always have to adjust the front and back flaps over the inserts after the diaper is on because the 360 gussets pull the lining to the center too much and leave the ends of the inserts exposed. But I have a boy w/very sensitive skin so the insert can’t touch him at all.

  11. I love all the features on this diaper but I really wish they sold them separately. I’d love to try these out but I already have a decent sized stash. They seem like they are very good quality.

  12. We have one Glow Bug diaper and I like it! The 360 gusset is awesome and not too hard to spray out. I really love so many of the prints!! Definitely joining Glow Bug & Friends. Thanks Mama the Fox!!

  13. I love the All around gusset. Too bad I can’t convince hubby we need 12 more diapers.

  14. Learned their origin and where they came up with the name! They are so cue it just makes me nervous to buy so much at once, wish they sold individual ones to test out.

  15. They have some of the cutest prints. I find double gussets annoying to get poop out of, but love that they never leak 🙂

  16. Oh! I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen this brand before, thought I’ve heard about them quite a while back. Cute prints and the gusset is really interesting. Is it hard to clean out? It reminds me of the itti bitti gussets but it goes all the way around. I’d love to try one. 🙂

  17. We don’t have any Glow Bug Diapers yet, but I’ve been thinking about trying one. The 360º gusset looks neat. It definitely doesn’t seem like these diapers ever leak. They also have some of the cutest diaper prints in my opinion. Our little guy is tall but skinny, and I’m always having trouble getting a tight fit around his little legs. These sound like they could be perfect for us.

  18. These are amazingly cute and such a great idea! Cloth diapers should come in packs of 12 or 24!! Thank you so much for sharing this review!

  19. First I think the prints are adorable. Second I like the gussets and how there is an opening on both ends.

  20. Another awesome looking product I must try…love the prints and intrigued by the 360degree gusset 🙂

  21. I love those packages! Brainiac, explorer, and botanist? I am a science nerd who suffers from a condition called wanderlust…and these really speak to me. I think they are saying “buy me…” 🙂

  22. I really like how they started out, it was a fun read. I love their prints, I have just not gotten the gumption to buy so many of one brand of diaper.

  23. I didn’t know that Glow Bug didn’t sell individual diapers! I love the 360* gusset, that looks like it would handle all the poop you could throw at it.

  24. I’m not really sure how I feel about the gussets to be honest… but I’d definitely be open minded about trying them out! 🙂

  25. I think that it is fantastic that Glow Bug offers all of their diapers in bulk, so you save money. I also think this is great for beginners, as you don’t have to buy a whole bunch of individuals and spend a fortune. The fact that the prints are absolutely adorable is a huge plus as well! 😉

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