Princesses & Pirates Go Potty Too Review

Potty training is hardcore parenting. Seriously. Like one of the hardest things a parent has to do. Thankfully there are resources to help make the process a bit more smooth. One of these resources is Princesses & Pirates Go Potty Too.

When you are potty training a toddler you life can’t just stop. We still have to run errands, go to family and friends houses, play at parks and take vacations. With Princesses & Pirates Go Potty Too I am now able to do all these things without fear of accidents or the lack of toilets.  My daughter has been potty training for a while now. But those moments occur when she has to go “right now!” I have tried lugging her training potty around but doing that is crazy. Plus, then I live in constant fear of forgetting it or not having it. Now, I can keep my Princesses & Pirates Potty with me in my car. Its always available when we are out and about, and best of all it’s not gross!

How It Works:

The potty works like this.  It has a top and a bottom. There is no bowl inside. When my daughter checked out her new potty she quickly said, “my pee pee will go on the floor!” Haha, yes it would. The special part about the Princesses & Pirates Potty is that you use one-time disposable bags as a liner which act as the bowl. You are then able to simply toss the bag out in a trash can as you would a diaper. So smart! I have admittedly stopped at the side of the road and had my daughter pee in her regular training potty chair. Then I had to dump her urine in the grass…hoping no one would see me of course. Now you can be discrete and avoid such embarrassing situations. Can you imagine dumping your kids poop in the grass or in a mall parking lot…yeah…I think not.

Where to Use:

The beauty of this product is its longevity. While your child will use it when they are potty training it will also be used by older kids when there is no potty in sight. You may be at a park, a festival, a party, parking lot, vacation, road trip…you get the picture. Your child can easily go to the bathroom without worry. It doesn’t need to be sprayed out or washed after each use because everything go into the bag. Just keep it in your truck and you will be sure to use it.


The Princesses & Pirates Go Potty Too systems come in 2 color combos: Red and Blue or Pink and Purple.

Princesses & Pirates

Where Can You Buy One?

You can buy the Princesses & Pirates Potty at:


You will get a few of the disposable bags with your potty, but you will for sure need to grab an extra roll or two. The refill bags are sold in quantities of 50 or 100. Purchase some here.

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Mama’s Experience

My daughter loves her travel Princesses and Pirates Go Potty Too seat. I am able to keep it in the trunk of my car and not worry about those sudden potty breaks. The bags are perfect too. They fit with amble room around the neck. They are large enough so that knotting them up after usage is easy and I don’t feel all up in the messy-mess. They are thick enough that I don’t worry about breakage but not so heavy that I feel wasteful about plastic. I love that the bags are big enough so that the plastic doesn’t rise up to touch my child bottom. That would throw off my game when I am trying to do my business and its the last thing I would need to happen to my potty sensitive child. All in all, I highly recommend this potty. I see no negatives at all in the product. With it being all plastic its super easy to wipe clean if need be. Which would be sanitary to pass on to a younger sibling or friend. Lastly, being fully plastic it is recyclable.


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