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Smarty Preschool Adventure App Giveaway

All kids love technology. It is alluring and memorizing. They want that screen time. They literally scream for the screen!

I limit what I let my children play with and watch on the TV, iPad and all types of devices. I try to find the best educational apps for my kids to use when I do allow them those minutes on the tablet. If they are going to be on there they will at least bear fruit in the process.

I was able to review the game Smarty Preschool Adventure and it was such a pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed the app and more importantly, so did my 2 year old. She loves playing with it and has gotten much much better at recognizing all types of colors and shapes. It’s a very good part of her Incremental Games collection for her age, and hopefully she’ll be enjoying it for a time to come. To find out more about the game please read the full review here.

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Smarty Preschool Adventure is for children ages 2 to 6. It teaches colors, shapes, counting and matching. When registered it is also available in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Greek, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Chinese.

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For your chance to win a free download of this awesome educational game please see the form below (may take a moment to load, please have patience).


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Smarty Preschool Adventure App Giveaway

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