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Every baby’s development is a unique breakthrough; a wonderful journey of trial and error that engages the senses, stimultaes the mind and body, and fosters baby’s continuing growth- physically, emotionally and intellectually. At Yookidoo, we’re proud to be able to take an enabling role in the beautiful journey.


max ballYookidoo is a huge up and coming front runner in the infant and toddler toy game. They create stimulating and engaging toys for infants and toddler. All of their products are affordable and adorable. They have items which reach from infant play mats, pull toys, bath toys, light up balls, and even a discovery playhouse!

Yookidoo products are available for purchase through Amazon & ToysRUs

dot ball

Light n’ Music Fun Ball

Lights N Music Fun Ball features four colorful friendly faces that light up together as music plays. Lights and short clips of music are activated by shaking, tapping, or rolling the ball. Light and easy -to-grasp, perct for small hands. includes on/off button for silent plat.
play encourages crawling, head lifting, improves motor skills , and sensory development.

When my 2 year old saw this Ball, still in the packaging, sitting on my dining room table she instantly said, “Mom! Can I have that ball?!” The plush ball instantly calls out to children due to its simple yet stimulating design. The colors are bright but not overwhelming. My 2 children both cannot get enough of this ball. There are 4 faces on the ball featuring only eyes. These are the 4 areas which light up when activated. They reflect the color of the face being yellow, orange, blue or red. My 1 year old loves these faces and has on several occasions tried to feed them his Cheerios.

My favorite feature of this ball is how the battery pack is safely and securely stored in the toy. The pack is tucked into a Velcro pocket, like every other plush electronic toy…HOWEVER, Yookidoo went the extra mile and created a tucked loop with a plastic ring to secure the box safely inside. This makes it much more difficult for our little engineers (my son) to get that battery pack out. If you have a crafty child who figures out how to get the batteries out of every toy (and scare the say lights out of you) then this is the perfect toy for your family.

ball m


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