Limited mobility, back pain, pregnancy or even arthritis make getting your shoes on a hassle. Vive Shoe Horn will make that a thing of the past. The Vive Shoe Horn is 24″ in length allowing you to comfortably put your shoes on without having to bend.

Made of ultra strong durable plastic and guaranteed not to break during use. The Vive Shoe Horn has a comfortable handle that is easy to grip while while putting on your shoes. The handle design also makes it easy to hang for easy storage. The curve of the base of the shoe horn allows you to easily put your shoes on without bruising your heels or damaging the back of your shoes. Vive Health Shoe Horn is perfectly designed to work with shoes and boots. Vive backs their product with a Lifetime Guarantee. Your product is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects.

You can purchase your Vive Health Long Shoe horn through their website as well as being able to order on amazon.

Let Vive Health help you slip into your favorite pair of shoes with their Long Handle Shoe Horn. 

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