My oldest turns two in April. Since birth he’s been the best sleeping baby I’ve known.


The first four months of his life were pretty much spent sleeping. We didn’t know it wasn’t normal until now. Our second baby opened our eyes up a little bit to a more normal baby schedule. Number two is still a great sleeper, but I’m not sure any of our kids will ever compare to baby number one. As for our sleeping, baby number two really test our ability to sleep through anything. My husband even suggested that we visit a site similar to CPAP to try out one of their sleep machines to see if we could get a good night’s sleep. Many parents do struggle to get a good night’s sleep when their baby is trying to settle into a normal sleep cycle, so we’ve been quite lucky really. I do know that some of my friends who have had kids recently have been using gummies for sleep. They contain CBD, which promotes calm and improves rest without sedating them, so they can still get up if their baby needs them during the night. There are countless other things that you can do to help both you and your baby to sleep better at night, such as using lavender oil or reducing blue light emissions. A combination of a few things, therefore, might be the perfect recipe for the perfect night’s sleep.

All that being said, when I found the LectroFan Kinder I was super excited. This sound machine is something you didn’t know you needed for your kiddos. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares against other sound machines as it’s up against some strong alternatives, as seen in this Hatch baby rest review which seems to be a particularly advanced product.

We have a small house and my son’s room is downstairs just off our living room and kitchen. When my husband and I stay up and watch tv you can hear it very well in the kid’s bedroom.

Like I said before, both my kids sleep well, so a sound machine isn’t a necessity – they can both sleep without it no problem. But the noise is seriously such a help. Keep reading to see why we like the LectroFan Kinder so much.

The LectroFan Kinder is so easy to use. Using the Kinder app on your phone with the bluetooth feature on, you can control the sound machine very smoothly. Turn the machine off and on with app the; and if you don’t have your phone with you for bedtime, no worries! Just hit the power button on the sound machine.

Using the app you can set different sleep options and save them so you can reuse them over and over again. You can name the sleep options so no one is confused while using the app; they cross over to any device. That’s the beauty of using the bluetooth feature! Currently our sleep options are ‘Nite’ and Napp’.

There are almost an unlimited amount of sounds with the LectroFan Kinder. Below are just a few. There are six different categories, each with more than nine options in them! Tons and tons of sounds to choose from!

I’m excited to use this sound machine in the future when I’m homeschooling my children. The natural category will be perfect for teaching and learning sounds – especially ones that we don’t hear where we live.

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There are literally unlimited options to choose from when deciding what color you want the nightlight to be. As you can see in the photo below, you can simply tap anywhere in the rainbow circle for the color you want.

In the photo I am showing the brightness of the nightlight. The top photos are full brightness and the bottom photos are a little less than half of the brightness. These photos were taken during the day time, so in the night the lights will be even brighter!

The LectroFan Kinder is the perfect on-the-go sound machine. My parents live two hours away and we visit them often. I love that there are no cords attached to the Kinder; it will make packing so much easier! I can plug it in any outlet and there are no strings attached – literally!

This weekend we are going on a trip to some friends house, I 100% plan on bringing our LectroFan Kinder with us. It’ll be great because it will help the kiddos feel like they’re at home still, while also blocking out new, unrecognizable sounds.

Newborns, school aged children, and every age in between will have a better nights sleep when sleeping with a LectroFan Kinder.

Parents, seriously check out this sound machine. If you travel a lot with kids, this is the sound machine you want. I bet you’ll love it! The LectroFan Kinder can be used from newborn and beyond! The uses are endless; and the age range is too!