In 2008 the founder of ergoPouch was in need of some major sleep due to her son who was a “challenged” sleeper. Her whole family was seeking a better nights sleep, so she went to work. Out of desperation she pulled out the sewing machine and created the first ergoPouch sleeping bag – and it worked! The pouch kept him warm and allowed for him to move around without getting tangled up. Now ergoPouch is a leading market company and award winning brand in Australia.

ergoPouch offers swaddles, sleeping bags, sleepSuites, and ergoArms; all dependent on the age/size of your baby and the temperature in baby’s room. [I will be reviewing the sleeping bag.] All of the ergoPouch products are made from natural fibers including organic cotton, bamboo and merino. No need to worry about bad fibers sitting on baby’s skin or having baby breath in anything bad while sleeping. The assurance you have in knowing that their products are safe and healthy is worth the investment.


“Our mission is to give baby a safe and better night’s sleep, and in style!”


The ergoPouch sleeping bag comes in two different sizes – 2-12 months and 12-36 months; they will last a long time! I think it’s great that there are just two size options because then you don’t need to buy as many. These sizes are for the sleeping bag only; there are other sizes involved in their other products.

There are many different options for warmth in terms of the sleeping bag. Their products are measured in togs which are a unit of thermal resistance used to measure the power of insulation of a fabric. The higher the tog, the warmer the piece of fabric. The warmest sleeping bag, and the one that we have, is a 3.5 tog – a warm pouch for winter. The next is a 2.5 tog pouch that is a bit lighter. 1.0 tog is the mild pouch that is more for fall or spring months. The pouch for the warmest weather is the cool pouch that is used in the summer. Below is a chart that is very helpful in knowing what pouch to put on baby in certain temperatures.


A thermometer is included with every purchased ergoPouch. This thermometer is really great. It shows the temperature of the room and which pouch should be put on baby accordingly – so useful! I hung it in my sons room so I know the temperature and which sleep sack he should wear.

The sleeping bag has unique stretch inserts on the the shoulder tops and on the side panels. This allows for natural movement so baby can sleep in comfort. I love how the sleeping bag has a double ended zipper. You can change baby’s diaper quickly and easily by unzipping the bag from the bottom. Keep them warm while you change them too! There are even button snaps that cover each zipper to protect baby and to keep them from possibly unzipping it themselves.

I love the print of our sleeping bag, it matches my sons room perfectly! There are many different prints and even solid color options too. ergoPouch offers gender neutral and gender specific colors. Their prints are very unique and not like most other sleep sacks.

ergoPouch is a trusted, award winning company that creates well made products. Their sleeping accessories are perfect for an child, big or small. They are MamatheFox approved and won’t disappoint.

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