With the spring cleaning season here we are all looking for a fresh start.

New things to try and do. New products that can help make life better and easier.

One of the hot new products for 2018 are the new Ora Kitchen Towels.

Being a busy parent, any way we can find to simplify life and make clean ups easier I am ALL for it! I feel like most days I am cleaning up one mess after another. The coolest new product I have found in household products is the Ora Household Towel. The cone, stack-style towels are easy to use, super absorbent and very versatile.

” The round household towel is here! Easy one hand grab – no tearing, no unravelling, no wastage. Twice the number of sheets than on a conventional kitchen roll. Clever, economical and too good-looking to hide under the sink. ” – Ora

These stacked style towels make for easy access – giving you the ability to remove the towel with one hand. This is a top feature for me. I often need a paper towel when I am busy and have a mess going on – by being able to use only one hand to remove the towel I can move and work faster than before. My kids love using them for treats and snacks, I love that they are not created another disk for me to clean! They can stay in the cone shape, making them perfect for holding snacks like Goldfish, greasy chips, hot sausages and really any other dry or greasy foods you would put in a bowl. It’s even useful if you find yourself having a little spill on your office furniture you got from somewhere like office monster so your office is tidy for you to work in (be it your company’s office or your home office, they are great for either office).

When it comes to your office furniture though, it’s important to make sure that you look after it and get it cleaned regularly. You need your work environment to be clean otherwise you won’t be productive. If the company you work for currently don’t have a cleaning company then you could suggest that they try someone like GCC FM (GCC FM are an office cleaning company in sheffield), to help keep your office spotless.

A tidy desk means a tidy mind, so you won’t be distracted and can get on with your work. Obviously though, the cleaners won’t be in your office all the time so it’s a good idea to have these Ora paper towels on hand, so that if anything is spilled, then you can easily clean it up yourself. It doesn’t make sense for you to just leave your mess all on the floor anyway. You wouldn’t do that at home, so why would you leave a mess in your office?

It does make it easier having a cleaning company at your office though, you won’t have to worry about deep cleaning the carpet, or making sure that your sofas are looking nice. They’ll also be able to bring in special products that can help clean even the dirtiest of places. For some reason, cleaners have a load of tricks up their sleeves, so if your office doesn’t have a cleaning company, then make sure you mention it to your boss about how much more helpful it can be to have one.

A good friend of mine works in an office in New York, and since hiring office cleaning services in NYC, she told me that she has noticed a big difference where the productivity of her team is concerned. Clutter, mess, and dirt can all be incredibly distracting, so it is important to stay on top of keeping everything clean, especially in a busy office space.

There’s only so much that an Ora paper towel can clean up. However, everyone should be cleaning up after themselves anyway. Be it at home or in the office. However, there’s something nice knowing that a cleaning company has been to clean your office and there isn’t a speck of dirt anywhere. It certainly helps you concentrate as you’re sat at your desk. You could also consider getting a cleaning company to help tidy your home if you think that that would benefit you as a person as well. After all, we forget that keeping your home tidy isn’t the easiest task, and we forget the small and hard to get places. If we don’t keep our houses clean, we can sometimes end up with a pest infestation, which is never something you want to deal with. The only solution to this is calling pest treatment wisconsin, as tackling this yourself isn’t easy!

Each Ora comes with 100 towels, giving you much more than an average roll of paper towels contains. Plus, it’s simple and beautiful design make it much more attractive than that old fashion paper towel roll sitting next to your microwave. With the circle shape, which is what the cone opens up into, makes it perfect for warming things in the microwave! I love how it sits perfectly (because of the natural cone bend in it) on top of a plate or bowl. I no longer worry about the paper towel falling off my dish while rotating in the microwave. This feature keeps my microwave cleaner and that is itself is a lifesaver.

The round shape and size makes it easy for all hand sizes, small and large, to control easily. I love how my kids and my husband alike have no issues cleaning up spills with the Ora Towels. More so, “each stack has the equivalent number of sheets of two regular paper towel rolls and less packaging. that means fewer trucks are needed to deliver Ora – so that’s less pollution and congestion for all of us..” – Ora’s Website.

Ora is available through Amazon!

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Ora is the most versatile disposable towel I have ever used! Some ideas for use are:

  • Sticky fingered kids
  • Oil changes
  • Office desk coffee spills
  • Greasy splashed while cooking
  • Muddy gardening messes
  • Car pool lane spills in the car
  • Wet pet paws
  • Setting cookies on while dusting with sugar