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Bun Maternity Review

Bun Collage

There is nothing I cherish more than the bond I have made with my baby while nursing. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and challenging thing I have ever done in my life. I remember when I was pregnant setting my breastfeeding goals, as a first time mom I was setting goals for something I was so unfamiliar with. I was naive about so much in the beginning, I started my breastfeeding journey with 2 nursing bras and 2 nursing tank tops thinking this was all I needed. I learned extremely fast that this was nowhere near what I needed to be successful in my goal of breastfeeding until my daughter was at least the age of one. I wore those two tank tops to death. Just the tank, tank top and cardigan and my everyday go to is the two top layer. You know what I’m talking about, nursing tank top layered another shirt on top. This was my favorite since I felt very comfortable nursing in public because I was covered. Well that was great through the winter, but now it’s 80 degrees outside and I’m either lugging around a infant carrier and diaper bag or chasing after my 11 month old, the last thing I want is multiple layers on. At this point in time my nursing tops aren’t really nursing tops, they are regular shirts that I have tried to make work. So I have been on the hunt for nursing tops that are fashionable and cute. I mean let’s be honest, it’s rare that I get to wear non-nursing clothes these days. If I don’t have my baby with me, I will likely need to pump. So even my work clothes need to be nursing friendly. So I went shopping, and every shopping trip ended in disappointment. No one has nursing tops and if they do they have one or two options and they are your typical “nursing” top. You know the ones with the big slit under the bust and scream “this is a nursing top”. So I took my shopping online, that when I found Bum Maternity. Finally nursing tops that don’t look like nursing tops! Not only that but I wish I had found Bun Maternity while I was pregnant because all these tops work as both maternity clothes as well as nursing.

About Bun Maternity

Bun is more than awesome nursing apparel. Bun Maternity is about supporting breastfeeding and a woman’s right to feed her baby anytime and anywhere. Even though normalizing breastfeeding in our society may be challenging, the more that women can feel comfortable nursing in the open helps to spread an awareness of the natural benefits of mind, body, and soul that breastfeeding offers. So feed when you need and wear Bun proud!

This paragraph right here hit all the “feelings” for me. It made me proud to be a nursing mom and it made me bun poncho 2 editproud that I am able to support such a amazing company. I love their drive to empower women to not be ashamed of feeding their babies and to make them comfortable and stylish while doing so. Bun Maternity is locally made in the U.S.A and is made with U.S.A. knitted fabrics. The quality of their clothing says it all, with their super soft fabric and versatile designs. Bun has put so much thought into their designs that they start as maternity tops and transition into nursing tops. They cover every fashion need with their beautiful Tank Tops, T-Shirts, Dresses, Ponchos and Hoodies (Yes hoodies, I have never seen a nursing hoodie and I can tell you from experience that unless you want to wear your husband’s over-sized hoodie you won’t be able to comfortably nurse in your pre-pregnancy fitted hoodies). Bun has all aspects for motherhood covered while being able to incorporate breastfeeding seamlessly into your everyday life.

This Mamas Experience

swing top side editI was so excited the day I received my Bun order. Finally, real nursing tops; why had I waited so long? The first top I wore was the Swing Top, on a beautiful 80 degree day. Talk about comfortable, it is made of the softest cotton and is so light and airy. The Swing Top is not clingy and has lots of movement, making it a perfect option for a hot day. I got so many complements, you should have seen the their faces when I excitedly said it was a nursing top. I love that the Swing Top has easy side access, I was able to discreetly breastfeed at a graduation party. You can easily dress this top up with a bold necklace and dress slacks, making this a perfect for work or a night out. I do love this as one of my work tops since it makes pumping at work easier.

Although I don’t dress up often, and I’m most comfortable in jeans and Chuck Taylors; Buns signature nursing tankbun tank edit spoke to me the most. These tank tops most resemble my pre-baby wardrobe and they make me feel connected to the old me. I love that they come in over 15 different colors (although I seem to gravitate to the dark grays and blacks, maybe one day I will be bold enough to wear a bright blue). The signature tank is super soft and is made of a “bounce back” rib material. This tank has convenient snap down straps with a built in under panel to keep you covered while breastfeeding. Although this is my ideal everyday casual top you can easily dress this up and wear it under and button up shirt or even just under a blazer. It is long in the torso which I love and is perfect if you are wearing as a maternity top.

I also have the Cozy Up Nursing Poncho. The name says it all, it is so cozy; it makes you want to snuggle your baby all day. This poncho is light enough that you can layer it and is perfect on a cool day. It is wrinkle free making it ideal to travel with. I can’t wait to take to take this on vacation with us to the smoky mountains where the temperature can drop in the evenings, I picture myself on a rocking chair in the middle of a forest cuddling with my baby. The Cozy Up Nursing Poncho has a flattering cut making it look great on all body shapes. You simply lift the top layer for nursing making this a very modest choice if you are at all nervous about breastfeeding in public.Bun nursing edit

I used the size chart to determine what to order. The size chart tells you to go with your truest size, so if your a medium at other stores go with a medium. Bun Maternity tanks are made of super stretchy material, making them perfect through the mid-stage of pregnancy and especially as your body changes after baby. I personally love that the underlayer is not a built in bra, as although they are easier to wear and breastfeed with, nursing tank tops with built in bras can be less comfortable. I feel that no built in bra helps with the fit and makes their clothing so much more comfortable.

I encourage anyone who is starting off their breastfeeding journey to do it right; get yourself the tools you need to be successful. The best thing you can do is get yourself clothes that not only make you look and feel good, they make breastfeeding easier. Breastfeeding can be so challenging on its own, don’t let improper clothing be a road block.

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“Wear Bun Maternity apparel anytime and anywhere…through all stages…and even long after you are done with pregnancy and nursing”.

Please know that you are by law allowed to feed your child anywhere whether it be public or private.

Geffen Fitted Cloth Diaper Review


 Geffen Review Photo editedIf you cloth diaper you know the struggle of the night time diaper. We spent many nights trying different options trying to figure out what worked best for us. Since my daughter was 4 weeks old our perfect night time diaper was a prefold and a super absorber insert. Well that has worked flawlessly up until now. My sweet 10 month old no longer will lay still long enough for me to get the prefold fastened. I feel sometimes it would be easier to diaper a alligator doing a death roll than it is to get a prefold on my fast moving baby. Geffens Fitted diapers have come to my rescue. I get the absorption of my prefold and it’s as easy to put on as a regular diaper.

About Geffen

Geffen baby is a company that prides themselves on being involved in every step of the manufacturing process. Starting as a Los Angeles based textile manufacturing company they saw the need for natural baby products. Geffen Baby has improved their fabric by adding more hemp, making their fabric more durable and absorbent with 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton. Geffen is proud to say that 95% of their products are made in the USA. They try to be as organic as possible in every aspect from manufacturing to their packaging. Geffen Baby makes everything including Flats, Fitteds, Prefolds, Absorbers, Cloth Wipes and Nursing Pads. You won’t ever want to try another brand once you feel how soft their fabric is.
geffen 2 edited

This Mamas Experience

   I love the Geffen Fitteds for more than just my night time diaper. We use them as our everyday diaper and love that we are able to reuse our covers and just change the fitted, making them much more cost efficient than AIOs or pocket diapers. I love that I can add extra absorption by layering with a quick or super absorber insert, which is what we do at night since my baby sleeps 10 hours without waking. We do use a snappy to secure our Fitteds although it is not necessary, they do require a cover to be waterproof. Prepping is easy, just wash and dry at least 3 times although they will continue to gain absorbency through 8-10 washes. The Fitteds come in four sizes fitting from preemie to 30+ pounds.  I find myself reaching for my fitted diapers over any other diaper.
  Once you try Geffen Baby products you will be confident that your baby is as comfortable as possible in a diaper.Geffen UnPrepped & Prepped

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