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Many parents are unaware of the safety concerns that are associated with coats and car seats. Car seat safety is a growing field of awareness and needs to be in the spotlight so that parents and caretakers alike can understand how to keep children safe and also staying warm. When a child is strapped safely into their car seat the risk of injury is greatly reduced. When improperly buckled the risk of a child being ejected from a car seat is highly increased. An awesome group called Car Seats for The Littles is a great resource to learn more about car seat safety. Injury and death can be avoided when the correct measure are taken.

When you place a child in a car seat, even if you have managed to find the best car seat for 3 year old like me, you need to have the straps secure, then later put a child in a car seat with a coat the tightness be the same. If you have to loosen the straps to get a child in with their coat on, it is no longer safe! Due to this safety concern my children only wear thin fleece jackets in the winter, until now! Ohio winters can reach a whopping 30 degrees below zero. We use blankets to keep warm in the car seats after safely strapped in. But there are times my kids will travel somewhere and then want to play outside for a while. I need a jacket that I can allow them to play outside but then go directly into the car with. This is where the Cozywoggle is a game changer.

The Cozywoggle:

  • Is the ONLY product that looks and acts as a coat, but is safe to be worn in a car seat.
  • Is made from heavy-duty wind/water resistant polyester, and is lined with cozy fleece.
  • Can be used with any 5-point harness car seat – either forward or rear-facing.
  • Comes in sizes 12 months, 18 months, 2T, 3T, 4, 5 and 6.
  • Is stylish (and looks like a “regular” coat), warm and washable.
  • Has been crash tested in a lab and proven to be safe in a car seat.
  • Can be worn in a car seat and all around town.
  • Is easy-to-use and is a convenient, all-in-one solution for busy parents.

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Mama’s Experience

When I first found out about the Cozywoggle I was intrigued. As a mom who lives in a super cold state, the coat and car seat debacle is a big part of my life. My family doesn’t understand why I don’t put huge puffy coats on my children in the winter time. But they didn’t know the knowledge we do as well as such high-tech car seats. After testing this coat I can honestly say that I highly recommend this to any parent with a child in a car seat. Here’s why:


jacket 1

This coat is cute! Being that it has a super important functionality I wasn’t sure how it would really look like in real life. The zippers on the side are so unnoticeable that they are not distracting if fashion is your forte. They blend in like seams and no one would ever look twice at them. The material is smooth and durable. I feel like this would be a great playing in the snow jacket. Durable, warm and easy to move in. All qualities a child would want if they knew how to verbalize it.

The coat runs a tad large. Its just how they are manufactured. My daughter just moved into a 3T a few months back. This coat is a 3T and it really fits well. There is a little bit of room, but I would want that being that she will wear sweaters and hoodies under it occasionally and might have a growth spurt this winter. Every mom knows its better to be too big than to be too small.

Ease of Use:

side view

The coat front zipper works and functions like any other zip up coat. Easy peasy. My daughter likes that the top has a piece of fabric that covers up the zipper part so when you tuck your chin into the coat its against fabric and not a cold metal zipper. I think it is a tiny detail that really is thoughtful.

If you have not watched the video above I suggest you do. It shows how easy it is to zip the sides up and down. I was skeptical that it would glide that smoothly on my can’t-stay-still toddler. But it did! It was super easy and fast to zip up and down. Knowing this can be a crazy quick step makes my hopes for success in this coat rise. I also had no fear or skin pinching because its not too tight against her body.

In the Car Seat:


I was hesitant that this would be comfortable in the seat based on how it lays on the child. I asked my daughter what she thought of the her coat and she immediately said, “it’s very warm and cozy”. I offered for her to take it off and she wanted to keep it on, so I knew that she really meant it. I love how I can clearly see that she is buckled in correctly and she has the cozy coat on top of her still. I needed this to work fast though. I have a pick up line at her preschool and I cannot monkey around with a coat and the car seat. I was able to use it fast and safely the first time taking her to and from pre-k.

It functions perfectly, it’s warm, it’s safe, it’s fast, it’s durable