Did you have an original Cabbage Patch doll?

I sure did! My mother meet someone in a parking lot in the 80’s to score one for tiny little MamatheFox, back when I was just a toddler.

I loved my doll and hoped my daughter would love them one day too. However, instead of loving dolls, she loves tiny plastic toys. Ones that she can carry in her pocket or purse.

Cabbage Patch Kids – being a leader in the toy industry – knew that the tiny toy theme was something they should jump on – and boy, oh boy, are we glad they did!

Introducing Little Sprouts by Cabbage Patch Kids

The Little Sprouts line has a few options available right now with their series 1 options

Collectible Figures – 4 pack

Collectible Figures – 8 pack

Little Spouts Vet Center Playset

Little Sprouts Cabbage Academy Playset


My 5 year old daughter loves her CBK Little Sprouts. She carries them in her purse, her pocket and of course her hands too. We love making them act out stories, silly situations and regular reenactment play.

You can use the play-sets that Little Sprouts have provided for us, or you can encourage your child to take an old box (got a few Amazon boxes laying around?) and give them a hand full of crayons to create their own playset.  My kids have made a pool, a rocket ship and treasure chest this past week alone from the boxes I have passed their way. Using their imaginations they can create the perfect set ups to use with their Little Sprouts.

We love that the 8 packs have a special blind bag with an extra surprise. The one set we opened has a fuzzy dog in it! The kids are thrilled to play with these amazing new toys.

Little Sprouts make the best stocking stuffers and holiday gifts this year. They are affordable, fun and just what small kids are asking for.

The pets are such a hit too. Now each little a little pet! Dogs, cats, birds, pandas and more! The little pets may be my daughters favorite part about the Little Sprouts

The 4 Pack set includes 1.5″ Kid, 1″ Baby, .75″ Pet figure & a HIDDEN accessory!

The 8 Pack set includes  two 1.5″ Kid figures, two 1″ Baby figures, one .75″ HIDDEN fantasy pet & three accessories!

The Little Sprouts 1.5″ Kid and 1″ Baby figures include articulation for sitting – which makes play even more interactive and allows the child playing with it use their imagination even more.

All of the Little Sprouts are available through Amazon


Collect all 120 Little Sprouts kid, baby, and pet collectible figures and set off on an exciting new adventure every day!


Available at:

  • Toys R’ Us
  • Amazon
  • Shopko
  • Fingerhut
  • Walmart.com
  • Toys R’ Us Canada



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These tiny toys are perfect for any child this holiday season. With pocket sized toys, dolls and pets all the rage, this is sure to be a hit when unwrapped