How to Clean High Chair Straps


All parents and caretakers know how crazy and messy meal time really is. Wouldn’t it be great for a child to simply place the food that was given to them in their mouth? To chew it up and shallow it. And happily?! Okay, okay, I know its too much to ask for. If I can get a kid to eat what I give them in any form I will be thrilled. Having 1 picky eater and 1 who hasn’t developed fine motor skills fully, meals are pretty adventurous over in the Fox household.  High chairs are a necessary evil. They are great because you can contain your child for a few brief moments of the day. Evil because those straps are always a beautiful light creme to white color. Seriously manufacturers. When are you just going to make them orange! Dye them for us in the factory and save us from the depression of seeing our beautiful chair go from white to a sloppy orange/green/purple/red/every possible color mess. But, if you are like me, I cannot stand looking at gross dingy straps. It makes me feel like my child is sitting in their own filth…because they are! So I have found the perfect concoction to get your straps back to new!

How to Clean High Chair Straps

1 part baking soda

2 parts bleach

2-3 drops of your daily dish soap

Mix these three ingredients well with a toothbrush. Use the same toothbrush to scrub your straps. Rinse straps with warm water afterwards and let air dry.