This barefoot shoe company really has our feet in mind. Created for that purpose exactly, Lems Shoes use the bare minimum when it comes to shoe design. They look to create shoes that fit with the anatomy of the foot; and doing this means the foot moves freely, like not wearing shoes at all.

Lems Shoes offers many different styles of barefoot shoes. Their original – Primal – is a classic and is the first shoe that the owner created. The shoes in this review are the Primal 2. An updated version of the original, this new line was just released a few months ago. There are a few different color options, including two new colors – cloud (the ones that I received) and olive (an adorable olive green shoe that I want to purchase myself!).

These Lems Primal 2’s are just recently released and seriously so cute. I must admit that many barefoot tennis shoes I’ve come across are not on the cute side. They are for sure more practical than anything. But these Lems are the perfect blend of cute and functional.

The colors are my favorite aspect of these shoes. The bright, light blue really pops against the silver-grey. Around the ankle of the shoe and on the inside is a burnt orange color. This is such a pretty color and coordinates with the other two colors. I am all about coordination, so these are just perfect.

Ultra light-weight, these shoes are just 6.9 ounces. For a pair of tennis shoes, they are so, so light. When wearing them they feel amazing. The last thing I want when trekking through any sort of terrain is clunky, heavy shoes. They a really are light as a feather, so it’s very helpful whenever wearing them.

The toe box of these shoes are extra wide. They are shaped just like our feet which allows for lots of room. This unique shape gives freedom to our toes and does not squeeze our toes together like traditional shoes. 

The bottom of the shoe is zero-drop. This means that the sole is completely flat and there is no support or arch. The foot, from the ball to the heel, is laid flat, which gives many benefits. Keeping the foot flat on the ground helps correct posture by aligning the spine. It also allows our feet to build the muscles they need, that they were intended to be strong. Traditional shoes hinder the correct muscle strength our feet need in order to function correctly. 

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The sizing of the shoes is pretty on point. There is a great page on their website with lots of sizing information listed that I found very helpful when deciding on a size. Click here to go to the sizing information page.

I highly recommend measuring your foot length to more accurately determine your size. On the linked page there is a tutorial and instructions on how to properly measure. The Primal 2’s are unique in their sizing wherein they only offer whole sizes for men and half sizes for women. This is why measuring the foot is so important.

The fit of the shoe is great. Ideally there is roughly a fingers-width of space between your toe and the end of the shoe, so bare that in mind. They do have great customer support, so if you feel like you have questions, just reach out them and they will help you out!.

Lems Shoes is such a great company and I highly recommend their Primal 2 shoes. The vibrant colors are my style and I love how they look. Not only do these shoes look good, but they feel great. They are SO lightweight – it’s like I seriously am not wearing tennis shoes – and ultra flexible. I have plans to buy another pair of these shoes in a different color because I like them so much. 10 out of 10 recommend!