Geffen Review Photo editedIf you cloth diaper you know the struggle of the night time diaper. We spent many nights trying different options trying to figure out what worked best for us. Since my daughter was 4 weeks old our perfect night time diaper was a prefold and a super absorber insert. Well that has worked flawlessly up until now. My sweet 10 month old no longer will lay still long enough for me to get the prefold fastened. I feel sometimes it would be easier to diaper a alligator doing a death roll than it is to get a prefold on my fast moving baby. Geffens Fitted diapers have come to my rescue. I get the absorption of my prefold and it’s as easy to put on as a regular diaper.

About Geffen

Geffen baby is a company that prides themselves on being involved in every step of the manufacturing process. Starting as a Los Angeles based textile manufacturing company they saw the need for natural baby products. Geffen Baby has improved their fabric by adding more hemp, making their fabric more durable and absorbent with 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton. Geffen is proud to say that 95% of their products are made in the USA. They try to be as organic as possible in every aspect from manufacturing to their packaging. Geffen Baby makes everything including Flats, Fitteds, Prefolds, Absorbers, Cloth Wipes and Nursing Pads. You won’t ever want to try another brand once you feel how soft their fabric is.
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This Mamas Experience

   I love the Geffen Fitteds for more than just my night time diaper. We use them as our everyday diaper and love that we are able to reuse our covers and just change the fitted, making them much more cost efficient than AIOs or pocket diapers. I love that I can add extra absorption by layering with a quick or super absorber insert, which is what we do at night since my baby sleeps 10 hours without waking. We do use a snappy to secure our Fitteds although it is not necessary, they do require a cover to be waterproof. Prepping is easy, just wash and dry at least 3 times although they will continue to gain absorbency through 8-10 washes. The Fitteds come in four sizes fitting from preemie to 30+ pounds.  I find myself reaching for my fitted diapers over any other diaper.
  Once you try Geffen Baby products you will be confident that your baby is as comfortable as possible in a diaper.Geffen UnPrepped & Prepped

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