Now that summer is here you understand the need to protect our children from the suns ultraviolet rays. UVA can cause premature aging, wrinkling and can be a cause of skin cancer while UVB is much more dangerous and is a major cause of sun burning, skin cancers and cataracts. So as I started our summer, I knew I needed to protect my babies sensitive skin with sun block, UV clothing and sunhats. So while scouring the internet for these items I found Baby Banz.

About Banz

Baby Banz Inc. started with one Australian dad trying to find proper eye protection for his infant which lead him to the development of Baby Banz sunglasses. Baby Banz didn’t stop at sunglasses, they have everything to keep your child safe in the sun.banz image

“In an ever deteriorating UV climate, Baby Banz continues its journey, striving to preserve the sensitive eyes and precious skin of generations of little ones to come.”

Keeping your child’s safety in mind Banz has UV clothing, UV protective hats, eye wear including sunglasses, swim goggles, clear safety glasses and ski goggles as well as hearing protection for infants and kids. Banz also provides a easy to read size chart making it simple to order the right size.

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Babybanz Eye Wear

babybanz editIt wasn’t until I found Banz did I realize that Baby Banz sunglasses weren’t just a cute fashionable accessory. Baby Banz cover your infant or toddlers eyes and protects them from harmful UV rays. What I didn’t know was that until the approximate age of 8 or 9 a child has no filters in the eye to block out UV light. Here’s the scary part, if you are just using tinted eye wear for your child you could be doing more harm by allowing the iris of the eye to open and let more UV light into the eye.

Baby and Kidz Banz lenses offer 100% UV protection and reduces sun glare. The frames not only come in a wide variety of colors they are made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate. Baby Banz have a velcro elastic adjustable strap making sizing easy and helps keep eye wear in place. I love that the neoprene straps are easy to clean and float in water!Baby Banz edit 1

“Often imitated, but never duplicated”

Baby and Kidz Banz can be fitted for prescription lenses, you just need to take your Banz frames to your optician.

I have found that it’s easier to get my daughter to wear her Baby Banz once we are already outside. Trying to put them on her while in the house doesn’t seem to work and I think that’s because it makes the room to dark. After having them on for a minute she seems to forget she is wearing them.

I myself have light blue eyes and always have sunglasses on even on cloudy days so it’s easy for me to remember to make sure the my daughter has her eye wear on especially now that I know how important it is that she wear sunglasses.

banz toddler

Earbanz Hearing Protection

2 banz edit

I have used Earbanz more than I ever thought I would this summer. I placed my order to make sure that I had them for the 4th of July weekend knowing that we wanted to hit that parade as well as fireworks. I failed to have hearing protection for the Memorial Day parade thinking that I could just use my hands to cover my daughter’s ears. Luckily it wasn’t a very loud parade because she was not having it with my hands over her ears. I knew the 4th of July parade would be much louder with the whole beginning of the parade being emergency vehicles blaring their sirens and flashing their lights, and flags flying, however, that will not be loud unless there are new loud flagpoles for sale out there, I highly doubt it though. While we waited on the parade route my husband and I were exchanging glances at each other wondering if she would keep her Earbanz on or if we would be making a mad dash to the car. As the sirens got closer I placed the Earbanz on her and I’m not going to lie her first reaction was to pull them off. As the line of fire trucks and ambulances reached us she no longer fussed with her hearing protection, I feel she knew why we had them on her. Earbanz are so light and comfortable after a minute she didn’t even remember she had them on.

earbanz 3 editEarbanz are perfect for any loud or noisy activity such as concerts,sporting events, air shows (have you seen the recent photos of Prince George wearing Earbanz at the worlds largest military air show). I have a friend who’s child has sensory sensitivities and Earbanz are literally a life saver for them in any noisy situation. I even saw a picture of a mom with her sleeping baby wearing Earbanz at a wedding out on the dance floor.

Earbanz will lower the noise level while still allowing your child to hear. The ear pieces are made of soft leather likeearbanz edit cushions and the inside is foam. They can be adjusted to fit securely over your child’s ears and with a nice padded headband. Earbanz come in 2 sizes Earbanz mini is perfect for infants to 2 years. The Earbanz mini fit my one year old perfectly and she has lots of room to grow. They also have Earbanz Kidz that fit 2 years and up. Earbanz come in so many colors and designs you will have a hard time picking a pair. Even better you can get a set with not only the Earbanz but you get a matching pair of Baby Banz sunglasses.

Reversible UV Bucket Hat

bucket hatBanz has your child covered from head to toe, keeping them protected from the sun and not only keeping them cool but looking cool. I love that the Reversible UV Bucket Hat not only comes in Baby (0-2 years old) but also Kids sizing (2-5 years old). With a ultraviolet Protection Factor rating of 50+ and will block out more than 97.5% of UVA and UVB Rays. We all know how sensitive our scalp can be to the sun and how it’s nearly impossible to apply sunscreen, keeping covered with a hat is a must. Banz bucket hats are made of a poly blend which keeps your child’s head cool under this breathable material. The bucket hats have a velcro closure on the brim of the hat making getting a great fit easy and allowing the hat to grow with your child. The Reversible UV Bucket Hat is perfect for poolside or at the beach since not only does it keep your child’s head covered while shading their face it also drys quickly if it gets wet. Banz Bucket Hats come in so many colors and designs I love that you can coordinate them with Banz sunglasses.