For close to 100 years pogo sticks have never seized to provide kids with a fun and exciting way to enjoy the outdoors. The pogo stick has come a long way since it was first designed in 1891 and patented in Germany in 1957. The pogo stick has since come along way with newer and cooler features. Kids can use them for hours without feeling bored in the slightest. If you believe your child would benefit from a pogo stick, you may wish to view the sports equipment here.

A pogo stick is a device that allows a kid to jump and down off the ground. The stick comes with a footrest in the middle, a handle at the tip and a spring mechanism that joins both sections of the stick.

The jumper positions his feet on the footrest. He balances himself on the pole and jumps up and down by bending his knees to provide the spring with energy.

To this very day, a lot of manufacturers produce pogo sticks is various styles and designs. Pogo sticks today not only provide kids with a favorite outdoor toy, it is also a good exercise device.

How to Select Pogo Sticks for Kids

Your kid is going to be jumping up and down the pogo stick. It is therefore important that you take much care in selecting one for him. Your choice of pogo stick will dictate whether your kid is going to have so much fun in it or run the risk of injuring himself.

  1. Age and Weight Appropriate for the right age of your kid.

Make sure you are choosing a pogo stick that is right for the age of your kid. Pogo sticks come in different lengths and built depending on the age group it caters to. Pick a pogo stick that is right for the height of your kid.

The weight of your kid the pogo stick is capable of handling should also be a major consideration. It can be dangerous to have your kid of 80 pounds jumping up and down a pogo stick that could carry only about 50 pounds. The springs may give way and your kid may fall.

The best choice of pogo stick is one that has a height and weight capacity in a few inches and pounds more than your kid. This will allow him to use the pogo stick longer.

  1. Design and Construction

Meticulously check the materials the pogo stick is made of. Some pogo sticks come in an all metal design. Some are of half metal and half foam enclosures for additional safety. The metal models have springs that bounce the highest. The ones with foam enclosures though are the safest.

  • Safety and Comfort

The best pogo stick for your kid is one that safe and comfortable. Make sure it has a solid construction and made of durable materials. Portability of the pogo stick is also one factor you need to look into.

In choosing a pogo, price should be the least of parent’s concern. The safety of your kid is the most important consideration. It is thus best to do some research before shopping for a pogo stick for your kid.

By the way, make sure your kid is always with a helmet and closed=toed shoes each time he goes outdoors to jump up and down in his pogo stick. For younger kids, adult supervision is a must.

Benefits of Pogo Stick Jumping for Kids

Parents should not only consider pogo stick jumping as a favorite pastime for their kids. It should also be considered as offering something more than keeping outdoors instead of playing computer games indoors. The simple jumping up and down on a stick is able to provide kids with physical and mental benefits.

Physical Benefits of Pogo Jumping

Kids these days spend more time indoors playing with computer games than kids about 20 years ago. Pogo jumping is an exciting activity that will allow your kid to have a more active lifestyle which can benefit his overall well-being especially their stability and core strength. Here is how your kid can benefit from a pogo stick workout.

  • Your legs do all the work when you are in a pogo stick whether you are simply jumping up and down in one area or jumping up and down from one area to another. These motions will allow the muscle mass to be much stronger.
  • The Butt and Hips. A firm butt and hips are the goal of every women when they exercise. Jumping up and down the pogo stick will make you have a firm butt. The up and down motion will also get rid of all the flabs in your hips.
  • The Stomach. Most people workout to have a strong and flat stomach. Jumping up and down on the pogo stick will make the muscles in your stomach work double time. It will make all the four groups of muscles in your stomach vigorously work so you can maintain your balance.
  • The Back. The act of balancing on a pogo stick makes the muscle work as uch as the muscles in your stomach. Continuous exercise on the pogo stick will help strengthen the muscle. It will also enhance posture with a strong and straight back. This will prevent the issue of potential back issues that many children and adolescents are suffering from, namely kyphosis, a rounding of the upper back. Unfortunately, such an issue can sometimes result in kyphosis surgery, which no child should have to face. For this reason, ensuring your child is maintaining a positive posture, such as through the use of a pogo stick, is vital.

The up and down motion also burns calories while enhancing agility, endurance and balance.

Mental Benefits of Pogo Jumping

Toys are meant for the enjoyment of kids. The best toys though are those that are able to provide a lot of enjoyment while benefitting both the physical and mental well-being. Such is the pogo stick.

One of the best things parents will love of the pogo stick is the fact that kids will once again consider indulging in more outdoor activities. An active lifestyle is always a healthy lifestyle.

As kids learn to balance on the pogo stick, they are able to develop and boost their confidence. As they develop more confidence they are able to execute some tricks other than just simply jumping up and down with the stick.

The pogo stick is not just a toy to keep kids busy outdoors. While having fun, they are able to enhance their over-all well-being and boost their confidence. Be safe- always wear a helmet while on a pogo stick!