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I See Me! Lunch Boxes

With the back to school season here parents everywhere are getting organized and picking up their children’s school supplies. One my my favorite essentials is their lunchboxes. Packing a fun and healthy lunch is such a huge part of a successful day and a better overall education. For the last 2 school seasons we have used I See Me! Lunch Boxes. This is because they are the perfect size, durable, easy to wash, keep the food from being squished and have a fun chalkboard inside for personalized messages. Having a lunch box with your child’s name on it makes school that much more fun. My daughter and son are now able to recognize their own names, so seeing it on their lunch box makes them feel proud knowing that is their box alone.

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Every year my husband would write a special, personal message to our daughter using the chalk board feature insideI See Me Lunch box the I See Me! lunch box. It was something she looked forward to everyday. The chalk board is easy to write on and easy to wash. I love how it a very high quality lunch box, unlike others which break, rust or whose chalkboards don’t actually work. Our preschooler loves packing her lunch the night before with her father. It’s a very special time for them, a real life long memory and I am glad that I See Me! is part of that memory. To see more deals and special from I See Me! click here!

Back to School with I See Me!

I See Me! Features tons of great Back to School products other than their lunch boxes. They have books, stickers and lunch pails with tons of colors and design options, making it easy to find the right one for your little scholar.

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Groupon Spa Deals

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Being a mom I get swept up in taking care of my kids and family. I love being a mother to my children and a loving wife to my husband, but I also need to remember to recharge and take care of myself. I personally unwind and take a bath several times per week to settle down and focus on myself. At least once per month I try to do something extra for myself too, typically in the form of a spa treatment. Being the frugal wife I am, I try to cut costs whenever I can. I love using Groupon to find the best local deals. I love to use Groupon for finding the best local deals on manicures, pedicures, massages and facials. They even have a few specials on hair removal services, which I think would be a great gift to any busy women. I would love to take shaving off my shower time check list. I barely have time to wash my body that I often have to cut out shaving. Booking yourself into a hair removal clinic could be the ideal method for you if you’re looking for a more permanent solution to getting rid of unwanted hair. Head over to Groupon to find the best local hair removal deals in your area.

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Have you used Groupon before? What service would you use Groupon for?