There are so many possibilities when it comes to Easter Basket stuffers. Candy, trinkets, stuffed animals…but what are some things that you child will really love? What can you use? What will be worth the money? The answer is simple: Crayola.


Each year I sit and think of what are the items that my kids will be thrilled to see and actually use (not end up in under the bed until garage sale season). It’s pretty hard to decide… I know that my kids are pretty artsy and once they’re a bit older might enjoy some machine embroidery designs that they can work on and hang up around the house with pride. For now, though, I’m stuck thinking of some useful toys. Here are some top ideas for your baskets.

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Making my children’s Easter Baskets is honestly super exciting for me! Celebrating Easter, the resurrection of Christ, is my favorite holiday. I love talking with my children about the story of Christ’s gift of salvation. My kids love Easter because they like getting fun toys and candy. I mean, can you blame them though. As a child my favorite holiday being Easter. The joy of running around collecting eggs with my brother. Then finding your basket! It was also hidden super well and if you found your siblings you had to leave it alone! No telling, they had to find it on their own. My kids also love the thrill of locating their Easter baskets. This year Crayola has some amazing, affordable new treats to stuff your baskets with.

Crayola’s Kid-Powered Spray Art is more fun then you may image. This sprayer comes with 2 neon spray paint bottles and 2 stencil sheets. You can free form spray or use the stencil sheets. Both are fun and allow your child to express themselves with bright colors in a safe way. What is amazing about this product is you can spray on the sidewalk, grass or snow! No matter the season or where you live you can spray to your hearts content.

Crayola’s Kid-Powered Spray Kit is only $14.99 and will make any kid jump for joy when they see it next to their basket this Easter Sunday.



My children, along with pretty much every other child, loves to play with chalk. Chalk by Crayola is always made with non-toxic and high quality materials. Crayola’s chalk brings the bright colors you see in the stick onto the sidewalk with the luster and brightness you desire. This spring Crayola is pleased to introduce their new Color Your Heroes Washable Sidewalk Chalk kits. Each kits contains the perfect color palette for you to recreate the scenes and characters from your favorite movies. Now available in:

These Color Your Hero Sidewalk Chalk sets are only $2.99 each! Hurry over to Crayola’s website and snag a few today


For 2017 Crayola has some super fun new products, including their Color Wonder Mess Free On-The-Go packs. Any parent that has used any of the color wonder products knows the value they carry. You can have your child color, in marker, to their hearts content but not staining any of their coloring, your tables/walls or their skin! The special Color Wonder markers only show up on Color Wonder paper. This magic like situation has changed art time in our home. I can let them color while I go to the dishes or laundry without worrying about a mess occurring. I have been faithfully using the Color Wonder line for a while now. Crayola has now introduced their On-The-Go packs that are perfect to keep in your car, diaper bags or purse. This way you are always prepared with a clean activity to keep your kids busy when out and about. Taking up little space and easily holding the markers and paper for later use, these On-The-Go packs will be perfect for your Easter Basket this year. These kits come in the following themes:

These Color Wonder On-The-Go packs are only $6.99 right now, be sure to head over to Crayola’s website to order some for your Easter baskets.