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We Love Dad

Every time I wear my baby in our baby carrier or wrap I get multiple people who comment on how great they are. It never fails that someone will speak to me about how they wish they had a carrier or wrap when their kids were younger.

“Those are such a great idea. I wish they made them when I had kids.”

“Wow, he looks so cozy!”

“What a great contraption for keeping your hands free.”

These comments, among others, are some that people have said to me.



Let me tell, I have never had so many people talk to us and comment on how cool the Lalabu Dad Shirt is than when my husband wore this shirt. It seemed like every step we took someone different asked us about it. People just couldn’t get over how genius the shirt was!



Lalabu is a small business that’s based in Atlanta Georgia. The husband and wife team were first interested in babywearing when they were on a trip to Africa. Babies were soothed by their mom’s presence and were a part of their parents everyday lives. When connected to their parents, babies feel very safe and secure. Babywearing jump starts learning because they can easily observe how the parent moves, talks, and interacts with the world around them.

The creators of Lalabu wanted parents to be able to wear babies easily so they would wear them more often. Simplifying babywearing was the perfect solution; they combined the clothing and gear into one brilliant design – the Soothe Shirt for moms and the Dad Shirt for dads.


This dad shirt is different that all other baby carriers because it makes babywearing simple. It is seriously so easy to wear your newborn baby with this shirt. The simple design allows anyone to be able to figure out how to use it. There is no wrapping, adjusting, or tying involved when using this shirt; just simply slip the baby into the open pouch an go!

The slim-fit design looks flattering on any body type. I love how the shirt looks like a normal t-shirt; it just has a cute little pouch to keep baby in. The v-neck neck line allows the shirt to be stylish even without baby in it. So, once baby weighs more than 15 pounds, dad can still wear the shirt!

The polyester, rayon, and spandex blend that creates the softness of the shirt is just that – soft! Not to mention, the inner mesh panel provides breathability which is perfect for men. My husband is always warm, so when he’s wearing the baby you better believe that he’s going to be hot. This mesh panel is great because it allows him to be cooler and not sweat as much as he normally does.


The adjustable head-support panel is a great feature. It can fold down into the pouch when not in use, then while baby is growing you can flip it out to extend the life of the shirt. We liked using the panel when baby is sleeping. It gave his head extra support, and it was great to cover his face up a bit and keep passerby’s from getting too close. On sunny days the panel is perfect for keeping baby’s head protected from the rays.


Dads can be basically hands free with this Lalabu dad shirt. It is such a life savor when you have multiple kids. My husband was able to play and interact with our 18 month old while holding our newborn in the shirt. He defiantly needed to be careful and keep a had on the back of baby’s head just to insure safety.


I especially love that Lalabu gives 2% of every individual sales is given back to fund the dreams of families. You can now choose what cause you want your 2% to be given towards. Choose from four different categories that you have the opportunity to give back to. To learn more about their For New Lives Giving – give back program click here. 

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This company is really awesome and we absolutely love the dad shirt. I love that my husband can wear our newborn so easily and enjoy it! Kiddos grow up so fast, so this babywearing shirt that allows dads to connect with their kids from the beginning is great. Lalabu makes mom shirts too, so be sure to check them out on their website.


Kids Cuddle Up With Blankie Tails

My kids are lazy, lazy people in the mornings.


They cannot function – I am pretty sure their brains are not fully on until at least 20 mins goes by. They take after me… just aren’t allowed to speed up the wake-ups with coffee.


So instead of caffeine, my kids like to be cozy. Maybe a pair of personalized photo blanket for them could do the trick? Or maybe some fitted custom bed sheets?


To be honest, no matter the weather, they require a blanket and couch time while getting themselves fully awake. Most of the time they grab a soft blanket then fight over it until I grab another, just as a soft blanket, to stop the bickering. Wouldn’t it be easier for them to have their own cozy way to cuddle up on the couch, something that is fully their own and isn’t going to be fought over? Now, thanks to Blankie Tails, my kids stopped fighting over the same couple blankets and each have their own special tail to cuddle up inside.


Ever since I introduced my children, ages 3 and 5, to Blankie Tails they have been obsessed with them. Each night and morning they require their Tail to cozy up inside for story time and for morning couch time. The other night my daughter couldn’t find hers while my son had his and panic ensued. This is when I noticed how attached they have become to these seemingly simple blankets.


Be Cozy & Have Fun with Blankie Tails


What makes Blankie Tails special is their use of super soft material….like super soft. The mermaid tails and whale tale is made of this super soft material. I honestly have even used the mermaid tale myself a few times! There are a few brands that make mermaid tails, but none with the high quality that Blankie Tails gives. Each tail is super durable, knowing that the kid who falls in love with it will drag it, shake it, pull it and get messy with it.



Blanket Tails knows that not all kids want to be a mermaid, but all kids love to be wrapped up like a caterpillar in a cocoon – snug as a bug in a rug. This is why they came out with several other types of tails, so that all kids can get the cozy blanket they desire. They are currently featuring: Shark Tails, My Little Pony Tail, Orca Whale Tail and a Rocket Ship Tail…along with several of the classic Mermaid Tails.


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It’s not just kids who love Blankie Tails, but toddlers and adults do too! Blanket Tails now features 3 size options: Toddler, Kid and Teen/Adult.


The Rocket Ship has a minky material, making it warm and super soft. My son, who is 3.5 years old, loves his Rocket Ship Blankie Tail so much that he has been sleeping in it every night for weeks. He is so much easier to get into bed now for our bedtime routine now that he has his Rocket Ship. It creates much less of a fight knowing he gets to get inside of his ship during story time. My daughter, age 5, now loves to rotate between her Mermaid Tail and her Orca Tail. She loves how they are both crazy soft, made of a smooth thinner fabric that allows her to wiggle around in a soft environment as she drifts off to sleep.


Click here to check out all the designs and options Blankie Tails has to offer