Grandma’s China is one of the sweetest things I can think of. The special plates and settings that made each family holiday just a bit more fancy.

China can invoke all types of feelings and emotions. The thoughts of the people who you sit with. The memories of times together.




Chinaware is beautiful. Coming in so many forms and styles, each showcasing the person who owned them. From white, pure glass giving you a classic look. To reds and purples, giving deep colors and a bold look. Pastels showcasing a light and delicate look.

Many people have been blessed with receiving either new or old China dishes. Whether you received them as a gift or after a loved one passes on, you feel connected to these dishes. They are more than just another place-setting, they have emotions tied to them.





Oftentimes the old china dishes just sit on a shelf and sadly collect dust, or more often, in a box in your basement or garage. But why are we not transforming these classic items into something you can enjoy and show off? This was the thought that Bregje of Bregjes Design had. She loves the history behind each piece. All of people who ate off those plates. The drinks laughed over in those cups. They hold just a little something more inside each one.


By taking the courage so many of us do not contain, she holds her head up, smiles and smashes that beautiful classic piece of China. With each shatter she creatively scours over the pieces and as many artists can, she sees what we layman cannot. She takes those broken pieces, buffs them to perfection and makes them into the most delicate and dainty jewelry you can imagine. Sometimes adding accents of gold or silver to her pieces, she makes each one different.



By making her pieces from different pieces of China, and by breaking them into different shapes, there are no two pieces that will ever be the same.


When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Bregjes Design you never have to worry about finding someone wearing the same piece as you. You can joyfully showcase your one-of-a-kind piece with pleasure.



Connect with Bregjes Design

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Bregjes Design can custom make a piece from broken China you mail to her, or you can purchase pieces from her already made selection.  Be sure to “heart’ her Etsy page so you can see her stunning new designs as they are added to her site. With each piece coming in at affordable, everyday prices, you will be be able to afford to grab a piece today.