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Covered Goods

Covered Goods was created by a mom of four who searched high and low for the perfect nursing cover but came up short. Finally one day she sowed a cover with extra fabric lying around and created one of her own – the Covered Goods prototype. This cover is exactly what the founder was looking for, a full coverage nursing cover that took away the fear of being exposed while nursing in public.

The Covered Goods covers are a super cute alternative to other nursing covers. With tons of different prints, you will for sure be able to find one that you like; solid, prints, stripes, or mismatch. With a price of $34.99, the Covered Goods cover is a very reasonable investment. Between buying a nursing cover, shopping cart cover, scarf, and car seat canopy all separately, you would for sure exceed the price of one Covered Goods cover. For the small price that you pay for a Covered Goods cover you are getting four products in one; totally budget friendly.

I love the cart cover aspect of the cover. When I grocery shop with my son, the last thing I want for him is to be touching, chewing or sucking the cart. Shopping carts are so dirty and germ infested, I don’t even like touching them. With the cover I can completely keep my hands germ free and more importantly my son germ free. The cover is very easy to put on and take off of the cart, which is a deal breaker for me. Normally I am holding my son and the diaper bag all while trying to put the cover on the cart. It is very stretchy and easy to use with one hand; it can fit over almost any cart too.

The car seat cover is super useful and cute too! It has been rainy and snowy here in northeast Ohio and the cover has been a lifesaver. Every time we go outside with baby we put the cover on his car seat. It keeps the rain and snow away from his little body and keeps the wind out too – the best part! I like how the slit is on the top and makes room for the handle so we can carry him. This is good too so clean oxygen gets to him and he has good air circulation. I’ve always been nervous about those car seat covers that completely make a barrier around the baby; carbon monoxide poisoning is no joke! The cover is super stretchy so it easily fits around the car seat with no issues. Just start with the larger end and stretch it down around the seat until it’s sitting how you want it.

One aspect of the cover that I don’t like is that my cover is only printed on one side. This is particularly a problem when I wear the cover as a scarf. Putting it around my neck just once is okay and doesn’t show the white side; but when I wrap the scarf twice around my neck it is difficult to keep only the printed side showing. Some of their covers are double printed, but not all.


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Although I would like my cover to be printed on both sides, this is the only negative I have found with the product. I love this Covered Goods cover and use it each time we leave the house and will definitely use it for my future children too. The covers are available online and carried at many boutiques across North America; find one near you on their website! Check out their YouTube channel (or their website) for how-to videos.