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Summer At The Sea

Summer isn’t over yet, and we are soaking up the rays until the weather forces us to stop.

We’re at the pool multiple times a week and are enjoying picnic lunches like crazy.

Our Mer-Sea blanket has given us endless opportunities to be enjoying the sunshine all summer long.

Mer-Sea was built on the simplicity of life. Just like life at the beach, we want simple and we want to unwind. The founders of the company are landlocked where they live in Kansas, so Mer-Sea was their outlet when they were longing for the sound of the waves.

Their creative products are mindfully made with minimal packaging, something we really like about their brand. Not only that, but ALL the profits made from their Sea Change candle goes directly to water.org. An organization that brings clean water to people who need it.

The message they have is one they want everyone to see. Each of their products contain little tags with tiny nuggets of wisdom that are designed to uplift those who find them.

This beach blanket is huge – 65 x 87 inches to be exact. It’s perfect for sharing with many people. We bring it to the pool, carry it with us to picnics, and have even used it inside our home.

The cutest feature of the blanket are the fringe rows on either of the edges. It’s seriously adorable and gives the blanket a little extra flare.

A matching tote accompanies the blanket and is dressed in fringe too.

This bag is great. I love the extra long handles, leaving me plenty of room to throw over my shoulder without feeling like its riding in my armpit – that is my pet peeve. Even if my husband carries the bag he has no problem with the bag being up too far in his armpit – perfect!

The bag is really large, which is great for quick pick up. I was nervous that I was going to have to fold the blanket in a specific way in order for it to fit into the bag. I haven’t had that problem at all! Normally I just pick it up, shake it off, and toss it in the bag all jumbled up; the bag doesn’t even feel like its going to burst open.


We don’t live near the beach, but this blanket was made just for that. On the underside of the blanket in each of the corners are little pockets. They are designed to be filled with sand in order to keep the blanket from blowing away. This is such a smart and innovative feature!


The Mer-Sea blanket is such a perfect blanket for a family of any size. There are tons of uses for it, indoors or out. The bag that is included with the blanket is huge and perfect for trips and on the go uses.

Kids Cuddle Up With Blankie Tails

My kids are lazy, lazy people in the mornings.


They cannot function – I am pretty sure their brains are not fully on until at least 20 mins goes by. They take after me… just aren’t allowed to speed up the wake-ups with coffee.


So instead of caffeine, my kids like to be cozy. Maybe a pair of personalized photo blanket for them could do the trick? Or maybe some fitted custom bed sheets?


To be honest, no matter the weather, they require a blanket and couch time while getting themselves fully awake. Most of the time they grab a soft blanket then fight over it until I grab another, just as a soft blanket, to stop the bickering. Wouldn’t it be easier for them to have their own cozy way to cuddle up on the couch, something that is fully their own and isn’t going to be fought over? Now, thanks to Blankie Tails, my kids stopped fighting over the same couple blankets and each have their own special tail to cuddle up inside.


Ever since I introduced my children, ages 3 and 5, to Blankie Tails they have been obsessed with them. Each night and morning they require their Tail to cozy up inside for story time and for morning couch time. The other night my daughter couldn’t find hers while my son had his and panic ensued. This is when I noticed how attached they have become to these seemingly simple blankets.


Be Cozy & Have Fun with Blankie Tails


What makes Blankie Tails special is their use of super soft material….like super soft. The mermaid tails and whale tale is made of this super soft material. I honestly have even used the mermaid tale myself a few times! There are a few brands that make mermaid tails, but none with the high quality that Blankie Tails gives. Each tail is super durable, knowing that the kid who falls in love with it will drag it, shake it, pull it and get messy with it.



Blanket Tails knows that not all kids want to be a mermaid, but all kids love to be wrapped up like a caterpillar in a cocoon – snug as a bug in a rug. This is why they came out with several other types of tails, so that all kids can get the cozy blanket they desire. They are currently featuring: Shark Tails, My Little Pony Tail, Orca Whale Tail and a Rocket Ship Tail…along with several of the classic Mermaid Tails.


Connect with Blankie Tails

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It’s not just kids who love Blankie Tails, but toddlers and adults do too! Blanket Tails now features 3 size options: Toddler, Kid and Teen/Adult.


The Rocket Ship has a minky material, making it warm and super soft. My son, who is 3.5 years old, loves his Rocket Ship Blankie Tail so much that he has been sleeping in it every night for weeks. He is so much easier to get into bed now for our bedtime routine now that he has his Rocket Ship. It creates much less of a fight knowing he gets to get inside of his ship during story time. My daughter, age 5, now loves to rotate between her Mermaid Tail and her Orca Tail. She loves how they are both crazy soft, made of a smooth thinner fabric that allows her to wiggle around in a soft environment as she drifts off to sleep.


Click here to check out all the designs and options Blankie Tails has to offer


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Baby Laundry New Baby Bundle Giveaway

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