People take religion in different ways. Some people grow up in the church and then break away from it when they are old enough to ask questions that nobody can give them a satisfactory answer to. Some people don’t find Jesus or any other type of God in their lives until they are on the brink of death. Then there are others who attend church regularly and have an unwavering faith in something that they cannot see but they do believe in.


Religion is different for every single person and there is more than one religion out there from the Catholic Church to Blacks in Mormonism. It can get confusing to determine which religion you should turn to when you are seeking a higher power. Some people choose to get married in churches but don’t feel particularly religious. Some people choose to baptize their children into a religion, only for their children to grow up and change religions when they are old enough to choose for themselves. Right now we are living through some of the hardest times we’ve ever lived through, which means that a lot of people are turning to religion in the hope of finding answers. They are not necessarily looking for answers to the questions of why we are living the way we are, but they are just looking for some outside support. A  kind ear and someone to lean on in their hearts and minds when they need it. But why are they doing this?

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  • Family influence. Parenting is a huge opportunity to shape somebody and give them their characteristics, morals, intentions and goals in their lives. Of course, children turn into adults with a mind of their own, but many people tend to become religious because of their family if they are witnessing older family members preach and worship and pray. Then sometimes they feel like that’s the necessary and right thing to do. Because if the family in their lives are praying, then why not?
  • They have been exposed to the church. Sometimes showing up to church on a regular basis can have a profound impact on your life. Not only does the church and its message give you a sense of routine and somewhere to be. It can make you feel warm and welcomed in an environment where people are accepted and embraced. You might learn a little more about faith and about how other people believe, and that can inspire you to do the same.
  • They are ready for it. Some people take Jesus or another God or prophet into their lives because they are ready for it. They just didn’t know they were ready until they got there. Taking a God as a leader is not a small decision to make.
  • They can’t find purpose on their own. We are taught by our elders for years and years that there is a God out there who is placed within our hearts and spurs us on a quest in our lives. But not everybody feels that way.If you can’t find purpose in your life by yourself, you may want to feel guided by something bigger than you. And sometimes it can feel easier to believe in something bigger than yourself than to believe that you are in this alone.