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From cosmetic upgrades to survival modifications, there are many cool ways in which you can accessorize a backpack. Check out 10 different ideas below.

Decorate with stickers

A simple way to decorate a backpack is to use stickers. Things like band stickers and cartoon stickers are popular on school backpacks. Of course, stickers are not just for kids, and there are many stickers for adults that you can buy. Stickers may peel off in certain weathers and temperatures, which is something to be wary of.

Patch it up

You can iron on patches for a more secure form of bag decoration. You can even go one step further and sew on patches to make sure that they won’t come off. You can find all kinds of fun patches online. 

Explore zipper pendants

There are many fun accessories that you can hang from your backpack’s zipper. Tassels, jewelry charms and pom poms are all cute options. Alternatively, you can consider crucifixes or keyrings. You can even hang practical objects off of zippers such as bottle openers or compasses.

Upgrade your shoulder pads

Most backpacks come with shoulder pads to help reduce strain on your shoulders. But when carrying heavy contents in your bag, you may find that standard pads still dig into your shoulders. Upgrading to memory foam cushioned shoulder pads can improve comfort when doing activities like hiking or urban backpacking. 

Install Bluetooth speakers

There are some backpacks you can buy that already have bluetooth speakers fitted into them. However, you can also buy separate speakers designed to clip onto backpacks or sit inside pockets. These speakers could allow you to listen to music on the go.

Illuminate it

You could also consider adding fluorescent strips or LED lights to your backpack. This could be something to add as a stylish feature, however it could also be a safety feature to help improve visibility when cycling at night. 

Add a padlock

Want to keep your backpack’s belongings secure? Padlocks can help to secure zippers to prevent thieves and pickpockets getting access to your belongings. There are specialist padlocks you can buy designed to fit on zippers. 

Make it bulletproof

Hopefully you’ll never need to be in a situation where you’re being shot at –  but just in case, there is the option of adding a bulletproof backpack insert. This could act as a barrier from bullets if you are traveling somewhere potentially dangerous.

Embrace solar power

There are also solar panel kits that you can buy to attach to your bag. When doing multi-day hikes outdoors, these solar panel kits can allow you to harvest electricity from the sun, which could be used to power up devices like smartphones when you don’t have access to an electrical outlet.

Drink hands-free

Hydration bladders are designed to fit inside your backpack and carry lots of water which you can drink through a straw attached to your backpack’s strap. When hiking with poles or skiing, these accessories can come in use by allowing you to stay hydrated without having to stop open a water bottle.