Managing hair with a low porosity can be a little bit difficult, but if you use the right products and techniques, you can keep it looking healthy and shiny all the time. The following are some things that hair with low porosity will enjoy:

Product Recommendations

  • Lightweight oils: Because hair with low porosity typically has difficulty absorbing heavier oils, you should choose lightweight oils such as jojoba or argan oil instead. These oils can help prevent moisture loss while not making your hair feel weighed down at all.
  • Leave-in conditioners: Because hair with low porosity frequently requires additional conditioning, the use of a leave-in conditioner can be of great benefit. In order to prevent buildup, look for one that is not only easy to apply but also water-based.
  • Protein treatments: Protein treatments are helpful for repairing and strengthening hair and can be beneficial for those with low porosity hair. Buy Olaplex, it’s a great option to strengthen your hair.

Styling Techniques

  • Steam: If you steam your hair, it can help open the cuticles, which will allow products to penetrate your hair more effectively. In order to add steam to your hair, you can use either a steamer or a hot towel.
  • Finger detangling: It is best to use your fingers to detangle your hair rather than using a brush or a comb with wide teeth because these tools can cause damage to hair with low porosity. This method is gentler, and it also has the potential to reduce breakage.
  • Air drying: Low porosity hair can be sensitive to heat, so it’s best to air dry your hair whenever possible. If you must blow dry your hair, use a diffuser and keep the heat on a low setting.

Hair Care Tips

  • Avoid sulfates: Sulfates are harsh cleansing agents that can strip the hair of its natural oils, so it’s best to avoid them if you have low porosity hair. Look for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.
  • Don’t over-wash: Low porosity hair doesn’t need to be washed as often as other hair types, so try to extend the time between washes. This can help preserve the natural oils in your hair and keep it moisturized.
  • Deep condition: Low porosity hair can benefit from deep conditioning treatments to help hydrate and strengthen the hair. Try to use a deep conditioner at least once a week.

You can maintain the appearance of healthy, shiny hair even if it has a low porosity if you use the appropriate products and styling methods. Remember to be gentle with your hair, stay away from harsh products and heat, and use lightweight oils and leave-in conditioners to help seal in moisture. 

Being gentle with your hair will help it look and feel healthier. In addition, don’t forget to pick up some Olaplex; it will assist you in fortifying your hair. Everyone you know will covet your low porosity hair if you just take a little bit of extra time and effort to care for it.