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Best Ways to Style up Your Timber Dining Table


The dining room is one of the focal points of your home. However, most homeowners transform it into storage for their mail and keys, and the table disappears into the background until it is time to host a party. If you have a natural timber dining table, you can transform your dining space into an elegant and alluring traditional or modern room. Below are a few ideas to give your timber dining table a refreshing and updated vibe. 

Use art as a backdrop

A vibrant and beautiful piece of artwork gives the room a new finish. For example, an oversized piece of art sets a contemporary tone, and the pop of colour creates a cozier look. It contrasts the stark lines of modern furniture and makes the room feel less stark. 

Use statement pieces 

Try a mix of neutral and bold colours, textures, and statement-making materials. You can mix things up by incorporating mismatched textures and styles in the decoration. A vintage rug can provide insulation from noise and weather, while a pair of bold metallic pendant lights will stand out just above indoor plants. Besides pendant lights, you can try a vintage-style chandelier for a more glamorous appearance and a mirror frame on the wall to reflect the table. 

Plants, flowers, fruits, and vases 

Fresh flowers or plants add life and character to a room. Although the size of the plants or the number of flowers depends on your space, you can explore different mixes. Besides plants, you can use fruit bowls for decorative purposes and to keep your fruits within reach. Vases are also incredibly useful for styling a timber dining table since they are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. 

Set a modern and minimal tone 

A modern timber table with a rich black stain is best paired with minimal dining chairs with similar dark tones. You can mix modern and contemporary designs to feel normal using bold chairs whose colours match the room, and you can showcase your favourite piece for more visual interest and appeal. 


Image Via: 1825 Interiors


Be generous with the lighting 

Lighting adds colour and decorative elements to a room and transforms the atmosphere at night. Feature lighting above your timber dining table will make a statement, and since there are different types of lighting, you can set the mood as desired. 

Matched or mismatched chairs 

If buying the table directly from a manufacturer, buy other furniture items of the same range for a more cohesive appearance. But if you want more creativity, mismatch different styles to keep the room playful and modern. 

Don’t leave the wall blank 

There are various ways to give your wall a touch of elegance and improve the scene. Try a timber-feature wall, especially if you have an open-concept dining space or wallpaper. 


Styling your table is fun. However, let it speak for itself, especially if you have a beautiful table. Instead of covering it with unnecessary items, keep decorations to a minimum. Instead, use natural colour tones to create a cohesive look. More importantly, keep things simple. 

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