XL Bath Brush from Rengöra

While not all men like to pamper themselves, they all can appreciate a nice shower. Rengora’s XL Men’s Body Brush is a great gift for any guy. It helps scratch and clean their backs in all the places you cant typically reach. It is easy to use in and out of the shower. Inside it helps clean and exfoliate, when used dry out of the shower it is great for some back scratching and removing dead skin cells. It is made with natural boar bristles that aim in the removal of dead skin which leaves it feeling soft and smooth. It comes in a nice package, making it easy to gift without the trouble of wrapping. Check it out on Amazon through the link below.

 TrendHim – Freddi Navy Urban Scarf & Kai Blue Kane Beanie

If you are looking for a classy gift for a guy on your list, you should consider this scarf and beanie set from TrendHim. Trendhim designs quality men’s accessories that are fashionable and affordable. Cocoon your neck with this handsome scarf crafted in a flattering blue hue. Composed of a variety of textures including chunky cable knit. High-quality merino mix yarn and excellent craftsmanship ensure a long life. A unique Danish design. This stunning blue hat will flatter any skin tone. Made to the highest standards using warm, cozy yarn. A unique Danish design.


 Zen Battle

This is the game of Survival of The Chillest. Try to keep calm in a race to become Zen master with a mix of strategy, creativity & luck. Find out who is chill, hyper & competitive in board games for adults & kids 8-12+ as players race to align their Chakra cards from #1 to #7, with a Mastery card in the 8th slot. The 1st player to win 4 rounds gains 4 tokens & wins Zen Battle! Designed to be fun for both grownup game nights & family festivities gameplay runs 15 – 30 minutes. A fun gift for yoga lovers, gift for gamers, travel game gift, white elephant gift or gift for you!


Wilton – Diamond-Infused Non-Stick Navy Blue Baking Set, 9-Piece 

If you know a guy who is living on his own and starting to build or update his kitchen accessories, then this 9-piece set if just what he needs. These gorgeous navy blue pans are more than just a pretty set. It’s beautiful bakeware that’s built to last with a durable non-stick coating that’s infused with diamonds. The surface makes it safe to use with most metal tools, so it will get you through years of baking cupcakes, cookies and more. The set comes with a large baking sheet, oblong pan with cover, muffin pan, two round pans, silicone spoon, spatula and slotted turner. The deep blue hue is nothing like you’ve seen from other bakeware, so you feel just a little extra special baking with these beauties. And the best part is, once you’re done, they can go right into the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Buy it for yourself or get one for your favorite baker, this set is perfect for gifting!


Kitchen Garden Textiles  

“Live Beautifully. Live Plastic Free” – This is the main focus of Kitchen Garden Textiles. They have the perfect gifts for your environmentally-conscious friends and family, the line includes linen market bags, gorgeous napkins, kitchen aprons, harvest aprons and much more. All of their textiles are created with organic, 100% natural linen. This reduces reliance on single use and plastic disposables with elegant linen products you’ll use and love every day. Crafted in Pennsylvania, their textiles are for gathering, storing, preparing and serving food. If someone in your house loves hot tea then you need to gift a simple reusable tea bag by slipping it into your loved ones stocking.


 DadWare Bondaroo

Becoming a new dad can be overwhelming for so many reasons. Feeling nervous about bonding with a newborn baby shouldn’t be one of them. The DadWare Bondaroo allows new dads to easily and conveniently engage in skin to skin bonding with their newborn or infant. Made in the U.S. from French terry cotton, the shirt opens at the top to allow you to place baby on your chest to practice Kangaroo care, or skin-to-skin contact with the baby, which can stabilize a baby’s heart rate, improve  their oxygen saturation rate, and regulate their body temperature and their breathing.  Babies can also be calmer and sleep better! The DadWare Bondaroo is available at DadWare starting at $44.99.



 Lazarus Artisan Goods

Lazarus is more than a leather goods brand. They are a company that is actually changing and supporting students in rural Honduras. In Honduras young people are often pulled out of school before 6th grade in order to support their farming-focused family. Now these hired artisans begin as students in a 3-year paid vocational program by their sister organization, Mission Lazarus. Students go to school for free, including their books, a daily lunch, and a daily stipend. 100% of profits go back into these educational programs. Now that you see the value in purchasing from them, head over to the website to see all the amazing goods they have created. We love the leather bound NIV bible. “In everything I have shown you that, by working hard, we must help the weak. In this way we remember the Lord Jesus’ words: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” – Acts 20:35


 Monaco Cocktails

Looking for a fun can based cocktail that men love? We know that not all drinks in a can or bottle are created equal. Monaco has gone the extra mile with their quality ingredients and cocktail portioning, this was they making this your new favorite. Each can is perfectly premixed with 2 shots in every can and 9% ABV. Some of our favorite flavors include, Tequila Sun Crush (includes tequila), Black Raspberry (includes vodka), Mango Peach (includes vodka) and Purple Crush (includes cognac). Hope over to their website to see all the flavors and other canned beverages they have to offer.