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Home Improvement Tips to Lift Your Soul

We spend a lot of time in our homes, and that means that there is a lot of time for the home to affect us. Our homes have a lot of influence over us and make us feel depressed, stressed, anxious claustrophobic, and they can even make us physically ill. But that also means that the home can also lift us up and make us feel happy and relaxed. Sometimes all we need to do is put a bit of thought and effort into it, and then we can create something that lifts our souls and spirits. To help you out, we have listed a few ways to change your home to lift your soul.




Decluttering is one of the first things you must do to create a home that lifts your soul. Keeping a lot of old stuff around you, as well as too much stuff can wreak havoc on your mental health. Clutter can cause a myriad of mental health conditions like stress and anxiety, it can stop you from sleeping properly, which causes high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, and obesity, among other things. Clutter can make you depressed and keep you living in the past. Constantly having reminders of the past around you stops you from enjoying the present. Decluttering can help you sever the attachments you have with the past that prevent you from enjoying life and moving on. The more clutter you get rid of, the lighter and better you will feel. Life is not living in the past, it is living in the now, and having a more minimalist home will help you achieve this.


Boost Natural Light

Natural light is so important to keep your spirits elevated. Light contains vitamin D, which is essential for your immune system. Among other things, natural light can improve your mood and make you feel less stressed. If your home is on the dark side, then you need to find ways to boost the light coming in. Start with the windows first, are the windows misted up or dirty? Do they have thick edges? Do you have a heavy curtain that does not open all the way? Do you have any objects blocking the light at all? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you need to change this. Another ways to add more light include getting a skylight installed. Changing doors to ones with windows to allow more light to flow through the house. Think about painting the walls a light color to reflect more light, and add mirrors for the same reason.  



A stained and worn-out floor can definitely bring you down. Even if you try using a rug to cover it up, you don’t get that feeling of quality anymore. Being about the walk n a soft carpet is a pleasure, and new carpets can offer this to you. Not only can a new floor make you feel better it can completely upgrade the look and feel of any room instantly. Everyone notices the floor, whether consciously or subconsciously, and it does affect you. If you have a wooden floor, then think about sanding it down and getting it all smooth again, then stain, varnish, or paint it. Another great option is tiling. A mexican tile floor can give your home a great authentic feel, and this can make you feel a little more enchanted. There are so many tiling options. Why not have a look at a few and see if there is anything out there that suits you? 


Use Color

Color has a profound effect on our psychology, and this is something that you can employ in the house to lift your spirit and soul. Using color cleverly can help you sleep better, improve your mood, reduce stress, and a lot more. One of the best ways to use color is by painting the walls. Colors such as blue, orange, and yellow can give a room a re expansive feel and make you feel more friendly. These colors can be used to boost conversation in a reception room, for example. Darke colors will make a room feel more enclosed and constrictive. So you want to avoid these. Colors such as icy greens and blue can create a serene feeling which induces calm and joy. It may be best to use these colors in the bedroom. Color, if you use it right, can definitely help you create a space that produces the right feeling. You can even paint things such as murals with a range of colors to create an effect. 


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