One of the most important things that can keep your home warm and your family safe is to ensure that you have a gas fire service regularly. But here are some other important reasons that you need to ensure you have your gas fire services regularly. 

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If you rent a property from a landlord, or you are the landlord that rents a property out, then it is a legal requirement that you have your gas-fired services regularly. All gas appliances need to be serviced regularly and up to code. 



Guarantees and insurance will often depend on you having regular services to make sure the warranties are valid. You will need to get the gar fire services to show proof you have the inspection done. 



If your gas fire isn’t serviced regularly, then you aren’t going to be aware of when it needs to be repaired. Gas fires that are working for a long time without being repaired pose a huge fire risk to you and your family. A gas fireplace repair can be life-saving – however, without regular inspections, you will be unaware of what needs to be done. 


Having inspections done early enough means avoiding the major repairs and instead having cheaper ones – because the repair is less. 



With energy prices soaring, having a gas fire that isn’t working at its most efficient can cost even more money. Your gas fire could be burning more gas than it needs to, and while you will be warm, you will be burning through cash to do it. 



No matter what type of appliance you buy, you want to make sure that it lasts the longest amount of time possible. Gas fires are no exception – but the biggest difference is that unlike if a washing machine doesn’t work correctly, a gas fire going wrong could be catastrophic. 


Even a small defect that you don’t think of as important at the time could cause big issues. Getting a gas fire repair and service company in will ensure that your gas fire will run for longer. 


It’s not just about potential issues either, gas fires can get dirty or clogged with dust, and servicing will make sure that they are cleaned and in the best working condition. 



The number one reason you should ensure that your gas fire is serviced is your family’s safety. While one of the most convenient ways to heat a room, gas fires come with some risks. Ensuring that your gas fire is regularly serviced is one of the best ways that you can make sure the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning is zero. 


Gas fire service engineers will ensure that all harmful gases are safely vented to meet all of the rules and regulations and to ensure that it is not a fire risk. 


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