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Sleepovers are a staple for kids, and it’s no wonder why. Your kids can get a chance to make new friends and build their social skills while trying something different from what they’re used to. And putting them out of their comfort zone is a great way to prepare them for unexpected circumstances. They can also learn how to set and respect boundaries. Therefore, hosting a sleepover can be a great thing. However, it can be daunting if it’s your first time. Fortunately, you can ace it with the right steps. Here are a few worth considering. 

  • Create your guest list and send invites


The first step is to figure out who your kid is inviting over. It’s important to start small as it’s your first time- usually, two to three kids are enough if they’re younger. You can increase the number after you get the hang of it. However, tweens and teenagers may not require your direct supervision and can be more than three. However, see to it that they aren’t misbehaving. Your guest can be kids from school, the park, or other social gatherings, although you should know them and their parents. 


Also, interact with them at least once to determine if you want them in your home or hanging out with your kids. Sending out invites earlier is ideal, as it gives other parents enough time to prepare. As a tip, try sending the invites two to three weeks ahead of the event. As a tip, send them via mail or hand them over to their parents away from school to prevent other kids from being hurt. 

  • Speak to your guest’ parents 


Since you aren’t familiar with your guests’ needs, talking to their parents makes sense. You’ll find it helpful to inform them of the drop-off and pickup time, so there aren’t delays. Also, indicate what they should bring, whether sleeping bags, pajamas, pillows, etc. By all means, give them a fair idea of whatever activities you have lined up for the sleepover, and confirm if they want their kids to participate in these activities. Consequently, ask them about their kids’ dietary needs to ensure that your food doesn’t cause them to have allergic reactions. If your guests are younger, chances are they have some nighttime issues such as bedwetting or fear of the dark. Ask their parents about it to handle the situation without making the kids feel awkward or embarrassed. 

  • Prepare your home 


It’s important to prepare your home for the upcoming event. And you can begin by cleaning the entire place and eliminating clutter to create a welcoming ambiance. Also, ensure you’re prepared for any mess the kids may cause. For instance, you can invest in cups with lids to prevent them from spilling their drinks. You can also use upholstery protectors to protect your furniture from stains. You’ll also find it helpful to designate play spaces to accommodate your planned activities, so keep this in mind. Here are more helpful strategies to ensure that your home is in good shape. 

  • Plan for the unexpected 


It’s common for kids to forget something, whether a toothbrush, sleeping bag, blankets, and the like. And you should be ready when that happens- get lots of new toothbrushes, wash and prepare extra blankets, and stock up on toiletries. Also, you may find that some guests are homesick and want to return home. You should note that it’s not your fault. Before they leave, inform each parent to expect your call if their kids become homesick. This way, they won’t feel offended or disturbed. 

  • Get dinner ready 


You may be tempted to prepare exquisite meals to wow your little guests. However, this may backfire, especially if you’re dealing with picky eaters. Therefore, preparing meals everyone can enjoy is best. Instead of a tuna casserole, why not try meals like pizza, sandwiches, and fruit? You can also consider having snacks like tortilla chips, salsa, celery, carrots, cheese cubes, and cheese dips to munch on as they play. However, ensure that your guests aren’t lactose-intolerant before offering them cheesy or milky snacks. 

  • Plan for the morning after 


You can expect the kids to feel groggy, as they may have slept late. However, you can help them freshen up before their parents pick them up. Also, prepare a hearty breakfast to help them start the day in a good mood. Muffins, cereal, and toast are great breakfast options, so feel free to consider them. Or, you can get creative by preparing German pancakes. Also, ensure that the parents pick up their kids at 10 am.