Family day trips are a great way to spend some time together, create lasting memories and in the case of foster families, create a bond and help new children to feel like a part of your family. But day trips with foster children can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you to enjoy yourselves and help your foster children to have fun. 

Stay Close to Home

Foster children can take a while to settle and going out to a big family attraction can be overwhelming and scary. Some children might not have done things like this before, and others may have had negative experiences. Make sure you stay close to home, especially with new placements, in case you need to head back for any reason during the day. 

Introduce New People Slowly

Family days out can be even better if you invite friends and members of your extended family. But this can be overwhelming for foster children, and you certainly won’t want them to meet new people for the first time at a loud, noisy attraction with lots of sensory overload. Instead, introduce new friends and family members over time, and in the safety of your home. Only invite people they are comfortable with on family days out. 

Avoid Large Crowds

Foster children might also find large crowds overwhelming. You might want to find smaller activities or try to visit outside of peak hours when most attractions are quieter. 

Find Ways to Save Money

As a foster carer, you are entitled to a foster care allowance Scotland. But, taking an extra child out for the day can be more expensive, especially if you are heading to a popular attraction or paying for an extra seat on a train. Save money by looking online for deals and special offers and by booking in advance online. 

Prepare Them Beforehand

If you are worried that your foster child might find a family day trip overwhelming, make sure you take the time to prepare them. Go online together and show them pictures and maps of the place that you are visiting. Talk to them about what to expect and ask them what they are most excited about. Make sure you let them ask any questions that they might have and be honest with them. 

Have Clear Rules

Ground rules are helpful when you are out with children, so make sure you have some and your foster children know them. Things like staying close, but also what they are allowed to go on and how much money they can spend are useful points to clarify. 

Listen to Them

Make sure you listen to your foster child’s worries, but also their passion. Make sure you comfort them when they need it, but also that you know when they are becoming overwhelmed or tired. Listen to them and pay attention to their mood. 

Pack a Picnic

Children can have different nutritional needs and tastes. Packing a picnic to take with you can be much less stressful, not to mention less expensive than eating at on-site restaurants. 

Family days out can be really good fun, and as long as you are prepared and take their needs into account, there’s no reason why foster children can’t enjoy family days out while they are placed with you.