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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Shower


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Most of us don’t think much about our showers. As long as the shower is working and supplying us with lots of clean, hot water when we need it, then we don’t give it a second thought, but showers, like most things, do have a shelf life, and they will need to be replaced from time to time.


With that in mind, below you will find some clear signs that it is time to replace your shower:


  1. It is leaking


Whenever you see a leak in your bathroom, you need to as, a general rule, call in a plumber, unless it looks like something basic such as a loose washer, of course. This is just as true for leaks in the shower as it is for leaks elsewhere in your home.


If your shower is leaking, then it will be wasting water running up your bills, and only a matter of time before the whole thing fails. Replace it now and avoid the unexpected breakdown that will come in the future.


  1. The water is dirty


If the water coming out of your shower looks dirty or is red or brown in color, and if the showerhead seems to be getting blocked quite often, there is a good chance that sediment has built up in the system. This can cause poor water flow and degrade the parts of your shower, so at the very least, you should have a professional come in and take a look.


  1. It’s too hot or cold


One of the worst things that can happen in the show is stepping under the stream only to be hit with an unexpected blast of hot or cold water that is not the usual temperature you have become accustomed to. When this happens, it is a sign that the shower valves have started to sail. And having them replaced will ensure that your showers are uniformly the temperature you prefer them to be going forward.


  1. The water pressure changes


If the water pressure in your shower keeps changing from one day to the next, or even from one minute to the next you will not enjoy your showers nearly as much. Not only that but it is a clear sign that your shower is not in good working order and you may be looking at having to replace it if the issue is not fixable by a professional.


  1. It has grown mold


If your shower has started to grow mold and mildew, then it really is best to have it replaced because it could be a hazard to your health and it is really hard to clean mold and keep it at bay once it has taken root.


If you spot one or more of these signs that your shower might be past its sell-by date, then it is probably a good idea to think about buying a new one and having it installed sooner rather than later, because, the last thing you need is for it to breakdown without warning and you be left without access to a hot shower for any length of time!


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