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Thanks to the growing popularity of self-made home improvements, many get excited at the thought of repairing and restoring their own home. It can be tempting to channel your inner handyman and fix some home repairs to save costs. It is ok to handle many minor home improvements, especially with a few essential DIY skills under your belt. But there are a few you should leave to the professionals, mainly for safety reasons and to prevent worsening an existing problem. Here are four home repairs you shouldn’t DIY. 

  • Structural repairs 

It is best to avoid anything close to significant structural work when thinking about home repairs you can DIY. For instance, when completed poorly, major basement repairs could compromise the integrity of the entire structure. You might watch a few YouTube videos of someone doing it and assume you could too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before the entire home collapses or notice the floor upstairs sags. Structural modifications are home repairs best left to the professionals. Some walls carry much weight from the top, so you need a professional who knows the safest methods to demolish and transfer the weight. 

  • Electrical repairs

Simple things like installing a ceiling fan or replacing a faulty light switch are ok so long as you turn off the power before beginning. However, it would be best if you took extreme caution regardless of how minor an electrical repair may be. It is better to call the professional for any electrical repairs that go beyond simple. Additionally, some electrical repairs require a permit to fix, and you can only get that from the pros. For instance, replacing or extending a circuit is serious business. You risk burning your entire home or injuring yourself if you attempt without knowing your way around it. 

  • Plumbing 

To avoid paying for plumbing services, people sometimes turn a blind eye to a leaky tap hoping it mysteriously fixes itself. Replacing a worn-out valve washer or bending a slightly blocked drain are a few minor plumbing tasks most people can do. However, you should avoid any plumbing repairs that require extensive work. Your safest bet is to call the plumber. Anything else would put you at risk of injuring yourself or damaging your property which can significantly tax your pocket. What appears to be a minor leak can escalate to a flood and cost you a lot of money. It is particularly crucial to avoid major plumbing repairs that involve hot water pipes or sewage systems. You can visit sites like if you need pocket-friendly, professional plumbing services for your home. 

  • Roofing repairs 

Roofing repairs aren’t recommended for experienced DIYers, and here is why. Repairing a few shingles isn’t near the world’s toughest jobs. However, it is easy to slip, and climbing and descending with your repair tools pose severe injury risks. Roof repairs can be exhausting, and when you are weary, you are more likely to make a potentially costly mistake. So calling an expert is the best way to go.