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Senior Incontinence- How Women Can Stay Fit & Active

As you step into your golden years, it is time to focus on yourself. The silver lining is that you can go the extra mile with self-care with no more mommy duties and fewer household chores. Not surprisingly, more and more aging women are keen to explore senior fitness programs for an active lifestyle. However, incontinence is a roadblock you may encounter on your journey to fitness. Most women experience some degree of urinary leakage after menopause and beyond. But you need not suffer in silence or give up on the hope to improve your fitness levels. Here are some valuable fitness tips for women dealing with senior incontinence.  

Start slow

Starting slow is the best piece of advice for an elderly fitness enthusiast. Your energy levels are lower than your younger self, and you may have age-related health issues like osteoporosis, hypertension, and heart disease. You must consider these factors, and avoid going over the top. Incontinence makes it even more crucial to take it easy, specifically if you plan to join as a beginner or return after a break. Go slow and increase the time and intensity of exercise gradually.

Opt for the right workouts

Choosing the right workouts is equally crucial if you want to stay fit and active despite struggling with senior incontinence. Low-impact exercise programs such as walking, biking, yoga, and T’ai Chi are ideal. You can try easier versions of aerobics with fewer bouncing and hopping movements. Likewise, opt for workout equipment that exerts minimal stress on the bladder. Including Kegel exercises in your fitness regimen can actually resolve incontinence issues by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Wear proper clothing

You cannot do much about the leakage if you suffer from incontinence. But it should not keep you from taking the first step toward fitness. Wearing proper clothing can help you work out without worrying about a mishap. You can try Zorbies Reusable incontinence panties as they fit like your regular panties. So they will not interfere with your workouts while ensuring comfort and confidence during your exercise sessions. 

Listen to your body

Another piece of advice for seniors with incontinence is to listen to their bodies and follow the cues. If a specific exercise irritates your bladder, avoid it altogether. Frequent toilet breaks during workouts can also keep leakage at bay. You need not shy away from using the restroom as many times as you want. Consider bladder training for extending the time between toilet trips once you build your strength. 

Nourish well

Staying fit and active despite urinary incontinence also depends on good nourishment. Count your calories because weight management is the key to addressing the issue naturally. Load up on nutrients and avoid the food triggers that irritate your bladder. These include caffeine, alcohol, sugar, acidic foods, and tomato-based products. Hydrate well because staying thirsty can worsen the problem.

Most importantly, be confident about handling senior incontinence while switching to an active lifestyle. Becoming fit can actually resolve your problem besides offering the benefits of optimal health and longevity. 


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