The Paw Patrol themed Mega Mat is a welcomed addition to our home. This mat is very versatile and creates a comfortable play environment inside and outside. 

Even though the mat is recommended for kids age 3 and up. The Sanders Siblings ages 10 months and two years old.  Have used this mat in their own ways.  The age recommendation allows the full function of the mat for engagement with the interactive scenes. The mat help to propagate creative and interactive play. There is a conversation starter at every turn! 


In addition to enjoying the Jumbo Mega Mat Aurora loves the two Paw Patrol toy cars that come included with the mat. (not pictured as Arlen enjoys chewing on the cars)  Currently, Aurora doesn’t have the attention span to push the cars on the provided roads for very long but cars have made several trips around our house and on several road trips! 

Arlen, enjoys sitting the the mat. Arlen enjoys looking down and engaging with the interactive scenes. The mat has been great to give him a cool and safe spot to play.  We have used this play mat on deck and in the yard to soften up a play area. Even inside Aurora asks, “get out my mat mommy get out my matt.” Aurora loves to get the mat out in the living room and use it as a home base for her play time. 


The versatility of the mat is amazing!  The mat easily rolls up and ties with nylon string included. Once rolled up  the mat doesn’t take much room in a closet and makes for easy transport. We have been taking our mat outside for picnics!  Creating a clean and padded play environment. Clean up is quick and easy! The mat has a nice coated finish that is non-slip and hypoallergenic. The finish on top makes clean up a breeze with snacks, drinks or drool. This momma loves the easy maintenance.


The mat is slightly cushioned giving some shock absorber but if you have a little one with poor trunk or head control I would recommend using on carpet or with thicker pad underneath! If you needed something with the extra padding, I would recommend the Gelli Play Mats. 

In addition to Paw Patrol, the mats come in a variety of themes Barbie and Hot Wheels.

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