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If you’re looking for a way to make your home more exciting, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, there are ten excellent ideas to make your home more exciting on the weekends for you and your friends and add more value to the property, and more appeal to future buyers.


It might seem counter-intuitive at first; how can a minimalist style make your home more exciting? Surely, it would make it more boring. The answer to that depends on the type of person you are; if you are a minimalist-minded person, the philosophy keeps you busy. 


Living a minimalist lifestyle can be exciting; you can spend time thinking about how to minimize the space, where to invest your money, and how to hide and organize the inevitable clutter that arises from day-to-day living in the home. If you are minimalist-minded, you will never be bored.   

Green Homes 

These days, people are more and more interested in living eco-friendly lifestyles; it’s important for the planet and for your bank balance because energy prices are rising quickly, and renewable power sources aren’t ready to take over. Making your home green is one solution. 


Again, making your home green is a mindset the same as minimalism. This lifestyle is never boring because you have to think about what you buy and use on a daily basis, how you travel, and what you invest in. Start your green home by looking at your carbon footprint and adapting.   

Table Tennis 

Table tennis might not be the first sport you watch when the Olympic Games come on – although it is a pretty exciting sport to watch in that context – however, it’s probably the first thing you do when you come across a table tennis table in a gym, a sports hall, or in your friend’s home. 


Tale tennis is easy to learn and fun to play; when you have a table tennis table in your back garden, you and your friends can have fun for hours battling it out. These tables are ideal for parties and BBQs during the summer; if you want to find out more about them, then click here

Pool Table 

Table tennis is an excellent choice for a home that has a lot of social gatherings and parties, but so is a pool table. Pool tables are a classic way to entertain your guests and create tournaments that provide hours of fun and lifetimes of contention. Find them for inside and outside the home.


Some pool tables also double as a kitchen tables so you can enjoy a full party spread during the day and some games of pool at night with your buddies. Indoor pool tables also have shorter cues, so you can play around the table when it’s close to the walls. These ones don’t take coins.   

Sitting Space 

If you are the social type, then you need to have a sitting space in your back garden. The sitting space is usually a patio made from natural stone or colored concrete, it has a table and some chairs, possibly a BBQ and cooking area, and some lights or a fire to keep you up late talking. 


Nothing is boring about having a sitting space in our back garden; in fact, sitting spaces are perfect for celebrating something or simply chatting late into the night. Not only that, installing a sitting space in your back garden adds value to your home and makes it appealing.  

Garden Room 

Similarly, a garden room can enhance your experience of the home and add value to it. Garden rooms vary in size, some of them are small, and others are more like conservatories away from the house. They usually have windows, insulation, heating of some kind, and some cozy seats. 


Garden rooms can be used in any season; they can be used for entertaining guests or for relaxing with your friends and family; there are also perfect spaces for reading or meditating. If you want to make your home more exciting and appealing in general, consider a garden room.  

Home Bar 

Everyone loves a trip to the local bar to catch up with friends or watch their favorite sports team on the TV, but prices continue to rise for drinks, and more people are staying at home instead. One solution is to open a home bar and make your prices cheaper. Or bring your own drinks. 


All you need to build a home bar is a shed or a garden room at the back. Using some DIY skills and some help from your friends and neighbors, you should be able to convert the space into a home bar with a corner for serving, some seats, some heat, and a TV on the wall for sports. 

Sound System 

If you and your friends love music, then it makes sense to invest in a home sound system. These days, a suitable home sound system is interconnected, so you need speakers in appropriate places like the kitchen, and the sitting area outside. It’s also controlled digitally. 


A whole house audio system, or HTD system, is the best option for a home that likes to part; not only is this system easy to set up and use, but it’s affordable to buy. Set the system to different zones in your house and use an app to adjust the volume, change playlists, and set the zones.  

Movie Room 

If movies are your thing, then set up a home cinema and create a movie collection that will keep your friends entertained every time they come around and make your home more existing. Even when there’s no one there, it’s great to watch yoru favorite movies on the big screen at home.  

Music Collection 

Digital music has taken over, but at the same time, there has been a vinyl revival; that’s why you have so many people interested in creating music collections. So why not invest in a turntable and start a vinyl collection? You could even add this to the bar to entertain friends and guests.