If you are a parent, then you likely already know that one of the most challenging parts of parenting is purchasing clothes that fit your child. Children grow so fast; just as soon as they fit something they outgrow it.

Clothes aren’t getting any cheaper, and with the cost of living crisis, it’s especially important to buy clothes for your children that fit. This post will tell you how you can find out whether or not your child’s too small (or too big) for the clothes that you are buying them:

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Professional Measurement

The easiest way to determine whether or not an item of clothing will fit your child is to have them professionally measured. When you know your child’s measurements, buying children’s clothing from Sweet Honey Clothing is much easier. It can be extraordinarily difficult to buy clothes for your child if you don’t know their size. Standardized measurements vary from brand to brand, so just because your child is a medium with one brand, there’s no guarantee that they will be in another. When you know your child’s measurements all you need to do is to look at the clothing item’s label and you will be able to tell if it fits instantly.

Quick Glance

If you do not have your child’s measurements and they are not with you, then your only option is to take a chance. You should know your child’s rough body size by memory, so all you need to do in this case is to lie the clothing items flat and take a guess. An alternative to this is to bring an item of clothing that currently fits your child out shopping with you, and then compare it to the items that you are considering buying. It is always a good idea to size up with children, so try to find clothing that’s slightly larger than what they are currently wearing.

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Standardized Measurements

As mentioned previously, there is no set standardized measurement system for children. Different brands have different measurements. If you are buying a product from a brand that they wear often, then you can likely go ahead and buy the same size or one larger. If you are trying out a new brand, then you may want to follow the previous section’s advice and bring an item of your child’s clothing along with you so that you can use it for comparison.

Neck Trick

If your child is with you but you don’t have the time to get them to try clothes on, then you can perform the neck trick (although this only works with trousers). If you wrap the waistline of a pair of pants around your child’s neck you can tell whether or not it would fit them according to the amount of fabric that’s left. If there is no extra fabric and the two ends of the waistline meet exactly, then they will fit. If there is too little or too much, then the item will be too small or too big respectively.

Shopping for children is notoriously difficult, especially if you don’t know their size or measurements. The best way to make good purchase decisions for your child is to know their measurements exactly. Remember to always size up with young children, because they grow fast.