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8 Tips From Housewives Who’ve “Been There, Done That”

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We’ve all been to homes where everything is spotless and systems are running perfectly. There isn’t a spec of dust on the mantelpiece or a child’s belly that isn’t full of the most nutritious food. 


But how do these households pull it off? You’re about to find out. In this post, we take a look at some tips from housewives who’ve seen it all, dealt with all the challenges, and are now in a position to teach others about their secrets. 


Always Remember That There Are Two Adults


In any relationship, there should be two adults. But many families act as if there is just one, or that each partner is a child. 

This attitude isn’t helpful and actually reinforces the idea that each person should be looking after or taking care of the other.


The trick here is to view your partner as a capable person who wants to help you. If you feel overwhelmed or need help with tasks, explain the reasons to your partner and ask them to support you. If you communicate well, they will almost always oblige. 


Take Time To Maintain Appearances


Even if you’re married, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take time to maintain appearances. Looking and feeling good is great for your marriage. 


Many people have the attitude that once they’re married, they don’t have to worry about how they look anymore. But, in truth, the opposite is true. It matters more in marriage. Looking good is a gift for your partner, and a way to prevent temptation from entering the relationship. Being desirable helps keep all aspects of love and attraction alive. 


Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, avoid the temptation to spend all day in your track pants. Look for ways to keep yourself looking your best, and dress up at least two or three times per week. Make sure that you have a date night with your partner. 


Know Your “Why”


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All great housewives know their “why.” That is, they understand why they do what they do. 


Looking great, working on the house, and spending time with the children are all part of a bigger project designed to make the world a better place. Don’t run into the trap of working so hard on the family that your relationship begins to suffer. 


Focus On Maintaining A Positive Environment


Family homes should offer love and encouragement. Negativity shouldn’t be a part of life. 


However, thanks to the pressures of work, paying the bills, and so on, that can be hard to maintain.


Many parents run into trouble, though, when they start to put other people first. They prioritize the health and well-being of their children and partner above their own. 


This attitude seems admirable, but it can actually diminish your ability to serve others. When you feel tired, run-down, and burnt out, you’re not able to take care of the needs of other people in your life. 


To create a positive environment, set aside time for yourself and then use the energy you build to serve others. If that requires rearranging your schedule, then do so. Find a routine that works for you and stick with it for the long haul.

Get A Head Start 


Getting a head start in the morning helps you get the jump on the day. The more work you can do before everyone else starts moving around, the better shape your household will be in. Setting aside an extra hour before breakfast can make all the difference in the world. 


For instance, you can use liquid dish soap in the kitchen to thoroughly clean all your pots and pans from the night before. Or you can sweep the floors, wash the clothes, or prepare packed lunches. Whatever it is, do it first thing in the morning when you have time to really focus on the task. 


Make Your Nighttime Routine Sacrosanct


While the mornings and daytime are chaotic, the nighttime should be when you feel at your most peaceful. You need time to unwind from your busy day and relax so that you can get the sleep you need. 


The trick here is to get your children to bed an hour or so before you sleep. This way, you have a chunk of time you can use to unwind in the evenings, relax, and enjoy yourself. 


Homemakers shouldn’t be thinking too much about tomorrow. Instead, you want to slowly get yourself into a kind of stupor where you feel happy, relaxed, and ready to enjoy some deep dreams. 


If you don’t give yourself time to wind down in the evenings, you’ll struggle to get to sleep. Your mind will be too active and you’ll wake up the next day feeling groggy like you haven’t rested properly. 


Stay On Top Of Dirty Clothes


It’s amazing how quickly dirty laundry can take over your home, particularly if you have children. Most families need to do at least one load every day, and sometimes more if they have kids. 


The trick here is to get a routine going and stick with it. In the morning, you should get out of bed, make a drink, go to the bathroom, and then put a load of laundry in the machine. It should become automatic, like clockwork, so you don’t wind up falling behind. At the same time, you can get the dryer going, or hang out clothes so that they don’t accumulate wrinkles. 


Master Your Cleaning Schedule


The shape of your cleaning schedule doesn’t matter as much as actually having one. As long as you have an effective routine, you can keep your home ship shape. 

Don’t fall into the trap of cleaning ad-hoc. Clean according to a routine, dealing with emergencies as they arise. Set specific days for certain chores, such as cleaning the bathroom, and enlist the help of others. Spend 15 minutes every day doing the little tasks, such as wiping down surfaces, sweeping floors, and picking up clothes from the bedroom floor. Try to get other family members to adopt good habits. 

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