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5 Fun Kids Birthday Ideas That Could Make Their Day Extra Special

Planning your kids’ birthday is such a fun opportunity to get creative and make their day extra special. Kids’ birthdays are always fun because you can really go all out with it, and you know that your child will have a super fun day. Sometimes planning a kid’s birthday can be easy as they may have told you exactly what they want to do. However, sometimes if your child is a bit fussy or indecisive, it can be a little more difficult to work out exactly what they want. If this is the case for your child and you need to find ways to make their birthday extra special, then keep on reading to find out some fun ideas that just might work for you. 

Scavenger Hunt

One idea that you could do for their birthday this year is a scavenger hunt. This works particularly well if their birthday is in spring or summer, as you will be outside for most of the day, looking for the prizes. If you are lucky enough to have a big backyard, then you could take the time to hide all of the presents around your backyard. To make things a bit more fun, you can give your child a list of clues and riddles that they can use to find their way around the backyard and to the special prizes. It could also be a cool idea if you base the scavenger hunt around something that they really love, like a film or their favorite animal. Doing this will help to get your kid engaged in the hunt as they will know that the presents at the end are all something that they will love and enjoy. Putting extra thought and time into your child’s birthday will make their birthday extra special and a day to remember.

Themed Party

Another good idea that you could do for your child’s birthday is a themed party. Hosting a party for your kid and their friends can sometimes be a difficult task, which is why having a theme can make things a bit easier. Having a themed party gives you a bit of a guide to follow and it means you have a clear idea of all the decorations you need to buy. It would be a good idea to talk to your kid a few months before their birthday and ask them what sort of theme they would like for their birthday. There is no point making the party a surprise as you want to make sure you get it right. For example, if your kid is a bit animal lover, then it could be a fun idea to throw them a jungle-themed party. Jungle-themed is quite a broad theme, which means it will be a lot easier for you to buy everything as there are no real specifics. Additionally, if you wanted to make the party even better, you could ask everyone to come in fancy dress as their favorite animal.

Day Trip

If you do not want to host a party or your kid is not really a party person, then instead you could take them on a day trip. Day trips give you a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your child and take them somewhere they have always wanted to go. If you know a specific place your kid has wanted to visit, then you could choose to make it a surprise, so you can see their happy reaction. However, if you are not 100% sure where they would like to go, then it is always best to talk to them first and get a few ideas from them. That way, you know that wherever you will take them, they will enjoy it because it was their idea. It could also be a fun if you asked one or some of your kid’s friends to join for the day as this will mean that your kid has other people that aren’t their parents to spend the days with. As much as your kid enjoys your company, it is likely that they will want to spend the day with their friends too, so make sure that you give them the option to do that.

Decorate The House

What better way for your child to wake up on their birthday than by seeing their whole house decorated just for them. When your kid goes to bed on the evening of their birthday, take the time to decorate the house and make it look nice for their birthday. If you are throwing them a birthday party with a theme, then why not take the theme one extra step and make the decorations that theme too. That way, the party is essentially starting early, so they can be excited for their day from the moment they wake up. Consider decorations like balloons and banners as they are super easy to put up and do not require much effort at all. Additionally, if you are trying to put them up in secret once your child is asleep, then they are not going to make a lot of noise and accidentally wake up your kid. 

Take Them On Vacation

If you have the budget or it is a particularly special birthday, then why not take everyone on holiday to celebrate the big day. Family vacations are a super great way to get the whole family together and spend some quality time with one another. To celebrate your kid’s birthday this year, get everyone together and take them on a well-deserved vacation. Going on vacation with children may seem a little stressful, but there are plenty of vacation spots that are specifically catered to families, so you do not have any added stress. Why not get everyone together and come to a decision together about where you would want to go. That way, no one can complain about the holiday as it was a mutual decision. 

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