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How to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Everybody is loving the hot weather that’s rolling in right now. The paddling pools are out in the gardens, swimming pools are being cleaned by local companies, the kids are off because it’s now summer break. It’s when the sun and nature shine the brightest, the children and the families are out until late because the sun goes down later, and vacations are being had all over the country. Summertime is almost the best time of the year – but the only problem is the heat.


Everybody knows that it’s hot in the summertime. And yet summer rolls around and nobody is prepared. They’re not checking in with companies like RPS Metal Roofing to see whether or not their roof is in good condition for the hot weather. They’re not checking with an HVAC specialist or at least call Comfort Experts Inc. make sure that their AC is going to be in good condition. Instead, everybody is putting on their bikinis and their bathing suits and are getting ready to have fun.


You want to be able to keep your home cool during the summer even if you do have access to excellent air conditioning it’s not always going to help. If your home is not built for the summer months, then you need to think about what you could do to be better. Here is how to keep your home cool in the summer.

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  • Use the air-conditioner. The first and most obvious thing to do to keep cool in the summertime is to make sure that your air conditioning unit is in good condition. If you have never had an air conditioning unit before, speak to an expert and find out which one would be best. Some families like to have ducted air conditioning through their home because then everyone gets the right amount of air, and it will turn on and off as the temperature dips.
  • Choose energy efficiency with your lighting. Some light bulbs are hotter than others, meaning that they are going to generate more heat into your home than usual. Swapping over to LED lightbulbs means that you’re not going to be burning your hands off the bulbs as you change it, and it also means your house is going to be adequately lit rather than being heated. Let’s avoid the tanning bulbs in the kitchen, because having those it’s just going to hurt.
  • Open the windows through the night. Make sure that you put your fly screens up for this one, because while you may want the windows open you do not want the bugs to come in. Taking advantage of ensuring that you can enjoy the breezy evenings means being able to enjoy the cool breeze through the night time while you sleep. When you sleep with cool air circulating your room, you can stop the AC-air leaving the house and you won’t have to run your air conditioning through the night either. Of course that may change if the nights are baking hot, but at least this way you can generate some kind of natural breeze.
  • Cook outside. It is the season for barbecue food, so stop hunching over the stove in the kitchen and cook outside instead. Having a hot stove is great, but on a summer’s day you’re going to really heat up your kitchen very quickly. If you cook outside on the grill, you can still enjoy the amazing meals that you cook without the added heat inside the home as a result.
  • Swap your bedding. In the winter months it’s likely that you’re going to have quite thick covers on your bed so that you can keep warm at night. If you want to keep your home cool in the summer, make sure that you’re putting lighter bedding and sheets on the bed so that you are able to be comfortable while you sleep. Swapping over the bedding is the same as swapping over the throws and the rugs – you might want to take up the rugs and store them in the garage through the summer so that your living room is cooler.
  • Invest in good backyard furniture. Having a gazebo with an umbrella over your patio in the garden is really going to help to keep the backyard as cool as anything else. This way, if your kids are outside they’re not going to burn, and you are not going to bake if you sit outside. Investing in good backyard furniture is going to help to keep your home cool, because you can keep the doors closed and spend time outside as a family.


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