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Overcoming The Challenges Of Living In A Compact House

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If your home is a little smaller than you’d ideally like, you’re not alone. Millions of families have discovered that the days of buying a big house on an average salary have passed. Thankfully, there are ways to do more with the available space.


Here are six of the best ways to make your home feel bigger, better, and capable of supporting a happy home life.


Consider Your Furniture Choices


Every room needs to have a function, and furniture will be required to facilitate it. When your kids have compact bedrooms, using cabin beds work wonders. It means that your child has a place to keep their clothes, or a desk for homework, without losing any more floor space than a standard bed. Besides, sleeping up high can be an effective way to encourage a better nighttime routine.


Combine Internal & External Space


The backyard can add a whole new dimension to your property. To make the most of this, you can install sliding doors. This will transform internal and external living spaces into one large area for enjoying life to the max. It gives your home a more versatile appeal, and is particularly useful if you like hosting friends and family. The large glass doors will additionally help bring more light into the room.

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Complete A Thorough Clean


A cleaner home is a happier home. For starters, you can use this as an opportunity to remove unwanted products, either through sales or donating to charities. Following this, you should deep clean the property to leave all surfaces sparkling. Getting your carpets back to their best, for example, can make a room look more welcoming. And larger. The fact it can aid air quality and family health is a bonus.


Focus On Floor Space


You might not be able to make the home physically larger, but you can make the home feel bigger by focusing on floor space. Going open plan is a great way to make the home feel bigger, even though you will only regain a few inches of physical space. Adding wall-mounted shelving and TV brackets can support this transition into a less cluttered home. And it will feel more practical.


Ask For Expert Support


While you may have a vision for how you want the home to look, you are not an expert. Thankfully, acquiring the help of a kitchen remodeling contractor can help you utilize all available space to its full potential. Aside from mastering the feng shui and choosing practical layouts, it means that the room will be designed with a consistent flavor. Even a compact kitchen can become suited to hectic family lives.

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Let There Be Light


As already touched upon, brightening up a room can transform its look. Introducing more light through new windows or changing the curtains makes a huge difference. Strategically placed mirrors will reflect the light. LED lamps and ceiling fixtures like spotlight are also great. By brightening up dark corners, you will trick the eyes into viewing a ‘stretched’ room, which will also help you to consider the possibilities.


Consider Conversions


Extensions may require a financial outlay, but it’s cheaper than moving to a bigger property. If you’re worried about losing some of your garden spaces, choosing a loft conversion is the best choice. Building up will allow you to create new bedrooms, an office, or an additional living space. You can probably make room for an en suite bathroom or storage space too. In turn, your daily activities will improve.


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