Choosing to adopt the use of solar energy has its pros and cons. When we analyze it critically, the pros certainly outweigh the con which is why you surely want to give in to the thoughts of going solar this year. With many emphases on the adoption of cleaner energy practices that help to conserve the environment, there are many reasons why you want to choose solar, and you can be sure they will benefit everyone moving forward. 

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The Big Deal About Solar Panels


When we take into account the fact that talks about solar panels are on the increase in recent times, it can only mean that it has become paramount to put cleaner energy generation and utilization on top of the global agenda. This is not coming from the fact that there are glaring signs that we need a more sustainable environment. 


With pollution from the use of fossils fuel topping the chart when it comes to some of the dangerous activities ravaging the ecosystem, you will agree that there is a need to make the shift to other positive measures. This is where solar energy is at an advantage, it poses a positive solution to overcoming the negative effects of greenhouse gas emissions and the dependence on fossils fuel. This link has more on the latest blog about happenings in the world right now as it relates to solar energy. 


Solar panels are easy to install and require minimal maintenance to keep them running. The fact that they are relatively cheap and affordable to install domestically, makes them suitable for use in every home and establishment that relies on electricity. However, one serious question is, how safe is it to adopt solar energy? You will find more in the section below on the pros and cons of choosing to go solar. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy 


While making it obvious at the start of the piece that the benefit of going solar surely outweighs the negatives, it will be a good idea to dissect some of the facts that help us to better understand the good and bad sides of adopting the use of solar panels in the home and environment. 


Pros of Solar Energy 

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When you take into account the very fact that the main requirement to power these panels comes from a natural source which is the sun, it is safe to say that we get an energy source that will never run out. This makes for one of the biggest advantages I can think of, and this is that you can never run out of the ability to generate the energy required to power the panels and inverters. 


Renewable Energy Source 


It is clear enough; you can be sure of a renewable source of energy when we harness the power from the sun in generating electricity for personal and public consumption. The sun is readily available all year round and in all parts of the world, making it accessible to anyone who has the resources and ability to install the panels and inverters needed to provide the electricity. 


Readily Available 


The fact that it is easy to get access to solar panels and the technology required to install and power them makes it even more beneficial. This means that you will not have to stress much about getting them installed in your home or office. You will need to follow the guidelines in your area about adopting solar energy and ensure that you get the right licenses and are connected to the power grid so you can get credits for what you contribute to the grid. 

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Saves Cost on Monthly Electric Bills


Since you generate your electricity, you will not have to worry about the rising cost of electricity which surely leaves you with a fat bill to pay at the end of the month. There is also the bonus that you can get remittance for the power you generate to the grid and do not utilize. The bottom line is that you will not have to worry about your monthly commitments with the power company where you spend heavily on electric bills. 


How much you can save will depend on the size of the unit you use and how much electricity you generate and consume. This page here has more suggestions on ways to cut down the monthly cost of electricity at home. 


Ease of Maintenance 


It is also true that you will not be overburdened with the responsibility of maintaining the systems monthly or even yearly if you use a professional installation service that gets the installation right. You will only have to ensure that you carry out yearly inspections to access the state of the equipment and take care of any necessary repairs or replacements that you need to make. You will have to clean the system to rid them of dirt and debris that could tamper with the internal units. Aside from this, you will not have to do much when it comes to maintenance. 


Disadvantages of Solar Energy 


So now that you are familiar with some of the pros of using solar energy at home, you will now learn about some of the downsides as well. I run through a few of them quickly below. 


Weather Factors 


The fact that solar energy is dependent on weather is one of the big disadvantages. You agree that the sun only shines for a few hours during the day and as such, you will not expect the system will be generating and storing any power at night. There is also the issue of rainfall, storms, and unstable weather conditions which could also affect the system


Expensive to Store the Electricity 


It is also a problem that it can be expensive to store energy from the sun. Since the energy cannot be used right away, it will need to be stored in batteries which makes it possible to access the power when needed. And in most cases, it can be expensive to install the number of batteries required to keep up with homes and establishments that make use of much power during the day. Still, you can choose to connect your system to the grid and rely on electricity from the grid to power your home at night can choose solar for daytime. 


Takes up Roof Space 


Since you need to have the panels exposed to sunlight, the best possible place to have them is on the rooftop which could take up roof space depending on how large you want the system to be. It could be a turnoff for most homeowners having metallic panels on the roof but if you are not going to be staring at the roof all day, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


Final Note 


There are many other downsides to going solar such as it can be difficult for most homeowners to succeed at DIY installation, it is also true that there is also a low level of pollution associated with the use of solar energy. Since it does not in any way harm the health tragically when compared to other forms of electrical energy generation and consumption, it is safe to say that you want to consider adopting solar energy if you are not already doing so.