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5 Tips to Stay Comfortable at Night as the Weather Gets Hotter

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Summer approaches, and already the small hours are warmer. However, you can stay comfortable at night with some simple changes to how you approach bedtime.

Choose Your Sleepwear Carefully

You might love nothing more than getting into a comfy bed in your favorite PJs. PJs are soft and comfy. Then again, you may also like to wear your birthday suit. Nude sleeping helps you stay cooler. Or you might like to go somewhere between and sleep in your underwear (shop for undies here) to keep cool and relaxed. Whichever you decide, you need to find a good balance between staying cool but not cold. And this can be tricky. You get hotter when you sleep, and you move around all night. So essentially, you need something cool and non-restrictive. 

Put a Fan on a Low Setting when Sleeping

Staying cool is essential for a good night’s sleep in the Summer. You might be tempted to turn your HVAC all the way up. But this will cost you a ton of money. Fans use far less energy, and you can place them almost anywhere. But it’s also vital that you don’t leave it on full. While Summer nights are hotter, the temperature dips in the early hours. You can get uncomfortably cold with a fan blasting you. Try leaving your fan on its lowest setting. That way, you will get a nice breeze when sleeping that won’t wake you at the coldest point of the night.

Stay Comfortable at Night with Thinner Blankets

Around 40% of people have trouble sleeping. So, good quality bedding is essential for promoting healthy sleep. But like finding the right sleepwear, finding the right bedding for Summer can be tricky. You might think that ditching your sheets will help. And it might while it’s still warm enough. But halfway through the night, you will probably get cold. This will wake you and disturb your sleep as you look for blankets. Therefore it’s probably best if you switch to thinner blankets. For example, a lower tog duvet with thin covers is lighter but warm in a breeze.

Consider What You Eat

Your diet is important for too many reasons to count. And it can affect how you sleep. Some foods can help you sleep better in the Summer when the nights are hot. Foods high in water are recommended, so you don’t dehydrate. These include cucumber and bottle gourd. Although best enjoyed hot, Baked potatoes are high in carbs and will help fight heat exhaustion. Finally, the pumpkin is excellent for regulating blood flow and will maintain sugar levels throughout the night. Drinking water is good, but you could go to the bathroom multiple times.

Make Your Room as Dark as Possible

Some people need silence, and others require darkness when they sleep. Often you cannot get both. While silence is good for sleeping. You should focus more on darkness in the Summer. The reason is that the sun comes up earlier. So you could find your sleep is disturbed at 4.30 or 5 am, hours before you should be waking up. And given the light is strong in the morning times, it can be hard to fall back asleep. This means you will lose out on the vital rest you need and are likely to feel exhausted as you approach midday or afternoon.


Summer can be a nightmare for sleeping. However, you can help yourself with appropriate sleepwear and suitable bedding. Healthy food choices and a darker room will also help.


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