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10 Best Word Games for Kids


Word games are perfect for kids because they keep them entertained but also teach them new words. If you would like your children to spend less time in front of a screen and watching videos, then maybe an exciting word game can be the way to go. And let’s be honest, no one likes spelling exercises at school, but if there is some competitive element, perhaps your kids will want to be more involved. In this article, we will show you 5 great word games for kids. 

I spy with my little eye

This game is very easy to play and therefore perfect for young children. The idea is that one of the players will look around the room, the park, or wherever you are right now and will choose an object. Then they will say, “I spy with my little eye something …..” and will continue the phrase with some characteristic of the object they chose. The other players will have to try to guess which is the object or ask for more clues. 

Unscramble the words

The name says it all, but you will have to unscramble as many words as you can in this game. It is very easy to play with since you don’t need anything but a pen and paper. You can come up with some easy and not so easy keywords, scramble them, and put the scrambled letters on a piece of paper. Then your kid will have to guess the word, and maybe they can even come up with a couple of ones with the letters that are available. If the child has trouble guessing the word at some point, they can use a Wordle cheat until they get the hang of it and can unscramble the words by themselves.


Hang Man

Probably there is no need to explain to you how this game is played, but maybe you forgot some of the rules, so let’s cover the basics. Hang Man is another game that you can play only with pen and paper. One person is going to be the main player in each round. They will have to think of a word, count the letters in it, and add a line on the paper for each letter. Then the other players will have to count how many letters there are and try to guess which are the letters inside. If they guess correctly, the letters are added to the paper, but the main player will draw one part of the hangman if they guess wrongly. If the word is not guessed before the whole body of the hangman is drawn, then the main player wins a point. And in case the word is guessed, the player that found out the word will win the point.

Scrabble for kids

Scrabble indeed can be a very complicated game for kids, but some versions are adapted and made very kids-friendly. Scrabble is another perfect game to encourage kids to learn new words, especially their spelling. The rules will be pretty similar where they will get tiles with letters on them. They will try to come up with the longest possible word and put it on the board with those tiles. Each player can also use the letters of the words that are already on the board, similar to crossword puzzles. Of course, there are some tweaks in the game to make it easier for kids. There are many other board games that you can get for your little ones to play by themselves or with you.


Alphabet is a very simple game suitable for young children. Each kid will have to come up with a word that starts with each alphabet letter. They should try to be more creative because only the words that don’t match the other players’ ones are counted. Also, they shouldn’t skip or misplace a letter, or they will lose a point. You can try to put a time limit and see if the kids will be able to come up with a word for each letter on time. It is a perfect game to practice the alphabet and your kids’ creativity. 

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