Your home is more than just a place to live; it is a retreat – a place where you feel relaxed and nurtured. If you don’t feel happy entering your paradise, know that it might be time to find out why this feeling. 


Also, you’d want to take effective steps to change the vibes of your New York home. But, what can be done about it? Well, your best bet can be to follow some simple tips below to turn your home into a happier place.

Rearrange your space

The study commissioned by B&Q and Kingfisher in partnership with the Happiness Research Institute suggests that our home is way more accountable for your overall happiness and influences more wellness than your job, health, and income.


This doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on home renovations to stay happy; sometimes, a simple shuffle to a room’s furniture can make a big difference. 


Thereby, it is wise to take steps to create a greater sense of space. 

Make time for a change:

You may have noticed that outside noises of NYC like car alarms, airplanes, sirens, construction, garbage trucks, fire trucks, and loud music may interrupt your quality time at home. 

So, when it comes to creating a quiet and peaceful home environment, you can think about installing soundproof windows nyc. Spending a bit on solutions that provides you peace at home is never a bad deal. And the best part is that these soundproof windows require no building approval and are easy to install on the existing window opening. 

Let the Outdoors In

According to a study on productivity carried out in the UK and Netherlands, using plants increases productivity by 15% and improves employee satisfaction.

So, bring in some beautiful planters and choose peace lily, English Ivy, and ferns, known as the best indoor plants. These all are also good for purifying the air, helping reduce stress, and raising productivity.

Create Balance

Try to balance your room decor as it brings a naturally pleasing effect to your mind. So, symmetry is one of the keys to happiness. For instance, find the focal point of the room when you enter and then use that area to decorate with artwork, furniture, and stuff you want at first sight on your entrance. This will boost your sense of joy and comfort. 

Bring In Your Happy Memories

Happy memories constantly refresh our mood. So why not, give it a room in your home. 

You can use any wall in your home for hanging paintings that evoke joy or place pictures of your positive memories. It is because this helps in improving the emotional connection with the place where you live.

You can also use your living area wall to display your achievements in life, like any appreciation certificate and trophies.

The Bottom line

The home that reflects your lifestyle, personality and the stuff you love is called perfect in technical terms and makes you happy.

So, make the required fixes and declutter things that are no longer needed to make your home a perfect place where you love spending time.