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What Is BEMER Therapy?

Electricity and blood flow; are both phenomena indispensable for the maintenance and sustenance of vital physiological functions. PEMF, the term has started getting recognition from the world for effectuating these life processes. But where does BEMER stand in the field of electromagnetic treatments? A BEMER device works almost in the same way. It stimulates healthy muscles to increase local blood circulation temporarily. Think of recharging your mobile wirelessly. It recharges your body cells. When cells attain their optimal charge; they can perform better. This is how BEMER revitalizes the cells.

What Is Special About BEMER?

BEMER means Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy-Regulation. These devices use the pulsed electromagnetic field to deliver radiations that are patented bio rhythmically defined. U.S Food and Drug Administration places the BEMER in class 2 cleared consumer medical device category for its being safe, non-invasive, and easy-to-use technology. The therapy specifically targets circulation in the muscular system.

The devices comprising the B.Box control unit create calculated signals process these and then transmit these to the application module to deliver into the body.

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BEMER and Its Influence on Blood Flow

In fact, BEMER just facilitates your body in doing what it is bound to do naturally.

Blood is the body’s inborn carrier for oxygen, nutrients, hormones, chemical messengers, and immune cells within the body. Your body’s performance is at its peak when your body’s cells, tissues, and organs get proper nourishment and desirable detoxification. A reduced or hampered blood flow gives rise to various discomforts and impairments in cells’ physiology and chemistry. This is because healthy circulation is a determinant of your health. The patented frequencies have been shown to improve blood flow in healthy muscles temporarily thereby improving local blood flow circulation within the muscle tissue for flawless muscle function and performance. Everything works better when your circulation is better such as

  •       Better supply of oxygen
  •       Better supply of nutrients
  •       Better elimination of wastes
  •       Optimal nutrient supply
  •       Improved cardiac function
  •       Elevated energy level
  •       Enhanced physical fitness, endurance, and strength 
  •       Enhanced mental activity and focus, 
  •       Stress reduction and relaxation
  •       The better overall quality of life 

BEMER and Increased Energy Levels

It is a unique set of signals that have revolutionized the field of electromagnetic field medicine. These are the signals that are tuned in a unique complex, carefully tuned configuration and timing. The standards for BEMER’s unique bio-rhythmically defined signals have been set after intense research and developments by the German engineering field. 

The patented PEMF influences the mitochondria in cells to increase ATP production. Your body consumes these molecules for energy. Mitochondria are also the site of nitrous oxide production. It is this chemical that causes your capillaries to expand for maximum blood flow within your cells.

How A BEMER Session Takes Place?

A BEMER session lasts for 8 to 20 minutes. You can choose between these four treatment modalities.

  •       A Full Body mat to lie on
  •       A Pad to wrap around your head, a limb or to place on the painful body area
  •       A small circular device to use for inflammation in joints or foot or hand
  •       A red light therapy to use for skin issues


BEMER technology employs PEMF as a vehicle to deliver a specific waveform to increase circulation in the small blood vessels that constitute 75% of your circulatory system. A trigger in circulation helps the cells better deliver nutrients, oxygen, and blood cells (red and white) more efficiently to the cell. Furthermore, the crucial project of waste elimination depends on uninterrupted blood flow. In short, BEMER helps your body to heal and function flawlessly.

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