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Looking to Keep Your Kids Busy and Productive from Home? Try Coding Class!

Credit: Julia M Cameron via Pexels

Children have always needed productive ways to stay busy, have fun, and learn about life. In a pandemic with rolling lockdowns, with parents struggling to juggle work and life, safe, engaging, and wholesome activities kids can do from home are invaluable.

Let’s explore the reasons why learning to code online fits this description.

Video Games at Heart

The industry leaders offering live online coding courses for kids put video games at the centre of what they do. In a basic sense, kids learn to code and program their own video game, one they can show off and play with friends and family.

The programs should also use gamification concepts throughout as didactic tools, harnessing the same type of engaging reinforcements that keep children hooked on playing video games to help them learn. The best live online coding courses for kids put games at the heart of everything they do, so kids will have too much fun to even realize they’re learning.

Professional Coding Languages

Some introductory coding classes teach programs like Scratch, a drag-and-drop program designed to give very young children a basic sense of what coding is like. The thing is, no professional has ever used Scratch to build a website, app, or video game.

Instead, look for an online coding class that can teach kids as young as seven how to use Python and introduce and expand on new languages as they progress as a coder. The best programs teach languages such as Java, JavaScript, C#, and C++. 

There’s a major difference between understanding what coding is like and being able to create a game or app that people can really use.

Small Classes

Just like in-person learning is best in small groups, online coding classes are optimal when there are only a few other pupils. The best online coding courses have classes of four students at a maximum and have no minimum requirements, so the session will run even if your child is the only student.

Such an approach guarantees that they’ll learn in an environment conducive to learning and that the program will not be derailed last minute because of attendance issues. 

Young Teachers

Teachers who have also experienced what their students are going through are better positioned to guide them moving forward. Young experts in computer science and computer engineering who grew up playing video games at home make relatable teachers for today’s youth.

Plus, younger teachers also have more relevant experience doing coding in school and their professional life. If your child has practical questions about where coding can bring them later on, they’ll have the perfect insider’s perspective.

When kids have fun, safe activities, they are happy and engaged. When these same activities impart vital skills that help improve how they think and prepare them for their eventual entry into the workforce, so much the better! Get all this by signing up for online coding classes for kids today.



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