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6 Ways to Bring Natural Sunlight Into Your Home

Nothing beats the feeling of having rays of sunlight illuminate your home! Is it the relaxing atmosphere it creates, the way it transforms your interior and boosts your home’s value, or the therapeutic benefits it comes with? Having a home that enjoys a good amount of natural sunlight can increase your bragging rights as a homeowner.

However, you must note that achieving a home that receives a fair amount of sunlight is not easy, especially if you failed to build your home with natural sunlight in mind. If you need ideas on how to flood your home with natural sunlight, here are some tips to consider.

  1. Paint your Eaves White

Your eaves are the overhangs created by your roofs. They reflect natural light and transmit it into your home. Painting your eaves white should enhance its ability to send sunlight into the rooms in your home.

You can still paint your eaves white even if your house exterior is painted brown, ash, or any other color. Due to the position of the eaves, painting them with a different color from your exterior wouldn’t affect your home’s curb appeal. Have a professional from somewhere like AB Handyman Luton do the work for you if you are not an expert at painting.

  1. Add Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and disperse them around your home. Therefore, adding a few of these accessories in strategic areas of your home can help increase natural sunlight. It would be best if you considered placing mirrors in those small rooms and dark spaces to illuminate them.

In addition to lighting up your home, mirrors also play a role in making your home more beautiful and spacious.

  1. Clean Windows

A clean window will allow more sunlight into the home. On the other hand, a dirty window will restrict natural sunlight from penetrating your home. After possibly using companies such as Beissel Windows & Siding and local window contractors to possibly help install some larger windows that might help to bring more light into your home, it is key to make sure that these are cleaned regularly.

Always make it a habit to clean your windows and glass doors to ensure that they allow enough sunlight into your home. You can also consider custom window treatments such as shades, blinds, drapery, etc., to maximize the amount of sunlight coming into your rooms.

  1. Replace some wall spaces with glass blocks

Replacing some sections of your wall space with glass blocks will invite a fair amount of sunlight into your home. While this fix may seem difficult to pull off, implementing it will not only shower your home with adequate sunlight, but it’ll also protect it from unwanted sounds and dust.

Because glass blocks aren’t a structural replacement for walls, you’ll have to install beams over the block sectors, as you normally do with windows or door units.

  1. Install Skylights in your Ceiling

Skylights are those transparent windows designed to provide more light to a building. Obviously, installing skylights in your ceiling is one of the best ways to invite natural sunlight into your home. And because they are directly facing the sun, you expect these windows to draw in a good amount of natural sunlight without the hindrance of any outdoor object or feature. Ensure you consider the slope of the skylight, including its energy efficiency, before installing one.

  1. Outdoor Obstructions

Overgrown trees outside your windows will make it difficult for sunlight to penetrate your home. Ensure you trim your garden regularly, especially if it’s close to your window. Do the same to overgrown bushes, trees, or climbing plants that impede sunlight from reaching your room.


Natural sunlight can beautify your interior and increase your home value. While implementing these tips, ensure that you are conscious of your indoor temperature. You wouldn’t want to increase your home’s temperature in the name of inviting natural sunlight.

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