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Top Tips To Keep Wild Animals In The Wild

Essential Tips To Make Sure Wild Animals Stay In The Wild

Wild animals are largely unpredictable. Even the sweetest-natured animals can become ferocious if they are starving or protecting their young. You’ll find that, in most cases, wild animals stay away from humans.

However, if their habitat is damaged or the weather turns cold, they need to survive. Your home is suddenly much more inviting. This is one of the reasons it is so important to have an annual inspection from a reputable pest control company. They don’t just deal with pest problems, they verify whether you have any you don’t know about and they can help advise you regarding protecting your home. 

The good news is that there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure the wild animals stay where they should be, outside your home. 

Screen Vents

Your house needs vents, this allows air to move which keeps moisture levels low and prevents an array of issues such as wet rot and mold. Of course, vents also mean there is an access point for wild animals, especially smaller ones such as possums or rats. 

That’s why you should inspect every vent and make sure the wire mesh is in place and not damaged. If there is an issue then you should replace the mesh straight away. You can check here to get help with this if needed.

You should also check to ensure there are no other gaps and cracks in your home that will allow a wild animal in.

Think About Your Rubbish

One of the biggest draws for wildlife is the thought of easy food, especially as the winter sets in. You need to make sure all food waste is put inside a bin with a lid and your surfaces are wiped down. Alongside this, it can help to vacuum at least every other day. This minimizes the crumbs in your home and the attraction to wild animals.

It’s also important to seal the bag when emptying the bin and, when you take it outside, it is best to place it inside another bin with a lid. If that is not possible keep the rubbish as far away from your home as possible.

Tidy Your Yard

Wild animals generally don’t like to be seen by humans. That means a yard with plenty of bushes and clutter is a better option. They can use these to sneak toward your house and even find a way in from a tree branch. 

To prevent this simply trim all the bushes and trees in your yard and put the waste in a compost pile a long way from your building. This will minimize entry possibilities. 

Consider Standing Water

It can be hard to prevent all standing water on a rainy winter day. But, before this arrives it is worth checking gutters and other potential spots in your yard. Make sure the water flows away. As wild animals need water to survive, if you don’t have any they are likely to go elsewhere.


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